Some of the ways the Parkersburg, WV Community Lighthouse has impacted their community is by taking time to minister to families who are experiencing extreme times of need. The team has taken food, helped with cleaning, and even built ramps for those who needed them.

Ohio Miami Valley Area Team Update

When the Ohio Miami Valley Area Team sent in their Area Annual Ministry Update, we rejoiced with them in the different ways Lighthouses have found to stay connected and to reach out.

Aglow Adopt-a-Cop – Duluth, MN

Jean Priest wanted officers to know that there was someone who was praying for them and would welcome particular requests from them for any challenges there were facing. From this, the Aglow Adopt-a-Cop program began.

Reedsport, OR Community Lighthouse – A Visual Aid

Years ago, Linda Jones, Director of the US Field, said that even though a Lighthouse might close, it still stands in the Spirit waiting for leaders to come back and occupy the territory again. This is exactly what happened in Reedsport, Oregon.

West Virginia Aglow – Propelling His Kingdom forward

When Priscilla Weaver, President of West Virginia Area Team, sent in the Evidence of Transformation form, we were delighted to see the many ways the Lighthouses in West Virginia have been reaching out into their communities and we wanted to showcase their activities. 

Pennsylvania Lighthouses Reach Out

Recently the North East Pennsylvania Area Team shared exciting activities that three of their Lighthouses have been involved in. Even though many of their Lighthouses had not been able to meet because of local restrictions, these three Lighthouses keep their feet on the ground in moving forward to reach out with a hand up to those suffering in their communities. 

Yuma Lighthouse Reaches Out

The day of the Yuma Colorado Lighthouse meeting Cheryl Newbanks had an unscheduled visit from the young man who washes her windows on the outside. He shared that several clients had fired him because of political views opposing his own.

Modern Day Caleb

In a recent conversation with DeeAnna Currie, Area President of Kansas North, Shelly Morales, Central Regional Director, related a powerful report to us of what a Neighborhood Lighthouse in Olathe, KS is doing. We are excited to share this report with you.

Aglow Cincinnati Relationship Workshop

In 2020, the Lord began speaking to our Cincinnati Aglow tribe about the marriages of His Bride. He desired that hearts be healed and marriages be restored, resurrected, and revived.

Florida Aglow “Ministry on the Move”

2020 has certainly been a busy year for Stuart Aglow and the Southeast North Florida Area. God has given us the vision, the ability and the opportunity to step out into our communities this past year in a number of ways, even in the midst of all the uncertainty that came with 2020.

The Power of Prayer

Recently, Rita Gorski, President of Orange County Area Team in California, shared a touching testimony of how she uses the prayer written in the Area Digest for her job description. This special prayer has helped her navigate her way as the new Area President.

Manhattan Aglow Atmosphere Changers

Covid-19 had shut down our Manhattan Aglow for several months. We were filled with excitement when we were able to meet once again. It’s time to become atmosphere changers in our community. 

Duluth MN Community Lighthouse Police Department Outreach

Recently the Duluth MN Community Lighthouse reached out to the Superior Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and served them a meal. The team was excited to have four new volunteers to join them on this labor of love.