Westminster Aglow Reclaims The Land

In August of 2009, a mandate was given to Westminster, MD Aglow called Operation R.E.L.E.A.S.E. Westminster Aglow is determined to fulfill God’s mandate to R.E.L.E.A.S.E. our area by taking back Westminster and Carroll County for the Lord.

29 Palms Lighthouse Celebrations

At its May 8 meeting the 29 Palms Aglow Community Lighthouse celebrated the 96th birthday of long-time 29 Palms resident and Aglow member, Martha Edwards. 

Motorcycle Rally Outreach

Sherry Anderson, Aglow Florida State Leader, and five local members of the Panama City Community Lighthouse partnered to have their second outreach into the motorcycle community. Twice a year Thunder Beach holds a rally. This spring it was estimated that 20,000 people converged on Panama City Beach! 

Human Trafficking: What can we do?

The Pasadena, MD Community Lighthouse discovered that victims of trafficking have nothing, so they are filling backpacks and giving them to agencies who service trafficking victims.

Establishing Truth

In March a team of four from the GPRMR made the prayer journey into Washington, DC. The Lord impressed “Establishing Truth” as the mission for this trip.

Angie Martinez

Earlier this year Angie Martinez, former President of the Wyoming Area Team, used the Lord You Said Healing Cards to stir prayer for those needing healing. We reached out to Angie to hear the rest of the story and here it is.

Pro-Life Prayer Walk

Lancaster, CA Community Lighthouse has joined 40 Days For Life Pro-Life Prayer Walks for approximately five years. They heard about this ministry through their local CareNet, which assists women and families in times of crisis pregnancies to find Jesus and protect and nurture them and their babies.

Aglow Blesses International Students

Sande Lofberg, Regional Director for Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Region, has been working with partnering with the International Students Incorporated house for about 25 years bringing love and support to students away from home. 

North Central PA Lighthouse Reopens

Thanks to Elaine Rice, President of the North Central PA Area Team, for sending in the Area Annual Ministry Update and Area Annual Ministry Action Plan. As each report comes in from across the United States, we enjoy reading what has taken place in the last year, as well as, the plans for the coming year.

South Hill, VA Community Lighthouse Prospering through COVID

When Rachel Brown, President of South Hill, VA Community Lighthouse (SHACL) sent in a copy of the Lighthouse Ministry Minutes Update, we were amazed to see the impact South Hill is making in their community. We wanted to share their good news with you.

Some of the ways the Parkersburg, WV Community Lighthouse has impacted their community is by taking time to minister to families who are experiencing extreme times of need. The team has taken food, helped with cleaning, and even built ramps for those who needed them.

Ohio Miami Valley Area Team Update

When the Ohio Miami Valley Area Team sent in their Area Annual Ministry Update, we rejoiced with them in the different ways Lighthouses have found to stay connected and to reach out.

Aglow Adopt-a-Cop – Duluth, MN

Jean Priest wanted officers to know that there was someone who was praying for them and would welcome particular requests from them for any challenges there were facing. From this, the Aglow Adopt-a-Cop program began.