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Four Years and Counting!

On March 17, 2020, the Colorado South/Central Area Team was on their weekly prayer call. Fear and chaos were sweeping across America because of COVID.

 It was at this time that Karen Troup, President of the Area Team, heard the Lord saying that He wanted them to begin to pray every day. Karen said that as she announced what she was hearing to the team, the responses began to come, “EVERY day?”

Karen’s response was, “That’s what the Lord said.” With an “I’m not sure I can do this” in their soft voices, each one agreed.

The next morning at 7 am, the team began their first seven-day week of prayer. It wasn’t too long before the team felt gratefulness rising up that they had agreed to follow the Lord in having the call daily. The invitation was extended to each Lighthouse team and they invited the members of their Lighthouses to join the early morning, daily call.

The call has continued on for four years without missing one day!

Karen said, “It was like being under a refreshing waterfall every morning as the amazing Presence of the Lord washed away all the fear that was ramping up and paralyzing our nation.” Soon, taking communion became part of the prayer time with an Area Team member, the State Prayer Coordinator, or the Regional Prayer Ambassador leading the communion time.

Karen said that following the communion time they sit quietly in His Presence, listening to see what the Lord speaks. Then each person begins to share what the Lord put on their heart. Some sing praises. Some read a passage of Scripture. Some begin to make declarations and pray. They all pray in the Spirit. The first Tuesday of each month, the group prays for Israel led by a Rabbi or by someone from the Messianic Lighthouse in Colorado. On the first Friday, time is spent in prayer for nations in the 10/40 window and is usually led by the Regional ‘I’ Coordinator.

Karen said that each prayer meeting is ended as we lift up the needs of those on the call and stand together in agreement and love for each other.

The call is open to all who would like to join in and it has been amazing to see how the Lord connects different people together in faith.

Karen said, “This call has truly brought us together as one in Christ like I have never experienced before. The Lord has given us visions, filled us with His amazing love and joy, and given glorious words of encouragement. We are continually drawn into a greater depth of His love and passion, kindling the fire in our hearts for Him and the souls of our nation and world.”

Anne Alexander, Area VP of Ministry Development and Resources, sent in her thoughts about the prayer call.

I was all on board for praying every morning for our nation, especially with our nation going through so many dark times. But after three months, the team started asking Karen, “How long are we planning on doing this?” I believe her answer was something like, ‘God hasn’t given us a stopping time.’ So here we are celebrating four years of having a short communion message, communion, and an hour spent with our Father together. We sing. We cry and we intercede for our families, our prodigals, our leaders, and for our country to be saved. So many of our prayers have been answered after agreement with my sisters and brothers on this prayer call. We also keep updated on what’s going on in our nation as we pray with those who keep up with the issues. ‘We trust You, Jesus!’ is an often-repeated declaration.

Nancy Wiswell, Area VP of Financial Development, had this to say about the prayer call.

When the prayer call started in March, 2020, I was not on the Area Team, so I called in and mostly listened, and only once in a while said something. I would call in a few times each week, but not every day. After I joined the Area Team I have been on most every day. Gradually, I began to chime in and sing a song, read a scripture, or pray. Our prayer call has become a wonderful way to start my day! I love listening to each devotion and love taking communion each day, expressing my love and gratitude to the Lord for all He has done form me. What a way to start the day!

Mary Frances Preston

I was on the Aglow Central Colorado Area Team during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. At the Area Team meeting we decided to have a daily prayer call to pray against this pandemic. We started at 8:00 am for an hour then changed the time to 7:00 am. That meant that I had to wake up earlier in the morning which ruffled my feathers a little. Now I have gotten used to rising up early for prayer every day. I previously had a tough time with morning prayer, so I thought that it would train me to be able to pray every morning. It has helped me in that way. I am no longer on the Area Team, so I am blessed to hear the voices and to be a part of the morning prayer.

If your team has a dedicated time to pray, we would love to hear from you. Tell Us Your Story And if you haven’t started praying yet, it isn’t too late! Start now. “The effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much!” James 5:16

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