His People Are Finding New Ways

Recently Laurie Lischke, Director of Donor Relations, reached out to Carolyn Williams, President of North/Central GA Area Team, and we wanted to share Carolyn’s response. 

Wyoming Prison Team – Right Place, Right Time

Just before the Wyoming Women's Center stopped allowing ministry teams to go in because of the Coronovirus, the Wyoming Aglow Prison Team was able to go to their scheduled monthly meeting. God had His people in the right place at the right time!

Creativity of Aglow Leaders During Trying Times

“What is your Area Team doing to connect with your leaders during this pandemic,” asked Karan Reed to her leaders in a phone call. Excitement could be heard in each voice as they began to share.

Longmont, CO Lighthouse Watches Convocation Webcast

Several months ago Helen Gouge, former officer of the Longmont, CO Lighthouse, hosted the Jerusalem Convocation in her home. The group experienced His Presence in an “overwhelming way”.

SW Region DC Prayer Journey

Just prior to the travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus, Lenda Curtis and a team of 9 went to Washington, DC for the monthly prayer journey right.

Matteson Single Moms Annual Winter Ball

The Matteson Single Moms group hosted a Winter Ball for single moms, their children and loved ones. The aroma which filled the room was that of happiness and joy. The decorations were carefully designed and staged to transform the space into a welcoming wintry eat and play land. There were giant gingerbread men and ice skating snow families.

Matteson Annual Coat Drive

Who's that showing off their winter coat? It must be the ones who came out for the AGLOW International Matteson Single Moms' Winter Coat Distribution! They were happy to model and strike a pose for the camera - children and grown-ups, alike - because they were so delighted with their new finds!

Miracle at Conference

Pat Favuzza shares an amazing miracle that happened at the 2000 Aglow conference of how God brought her son from agnostisism and addiction to Himself and then into the ministry!

The Power of God’s Love

Recently the 29 Palms, CA Community Lighthouse hosted a community meeting using the Fireside Chat, “The Power of God’s Love”, then made flower arrangements for a local elder care facility.

Cajun Lunch for Duluth Police

Jean Priest began an outreach to the Duluth Police Department several years ago. Each year it has grown to include all first responders and their families! Last year there were so many in attendance that they ran out of food and had to hustle to bring in extra.

Aglow Prison Ministry 2019 Report

In 2019 the Aglow Prison Ministry experienced the Lord work in a mighty way throughout the jails and prisons in the State of California. As events in the world intensify, so does the work and the Word of the Lord!

Erie South Millcreek Neighborhood Lighthouse

Carol Mills and her team found a way to bless their community by reaching out to the First Responders with a phone in prayer line.

Open Doors in Public School

Cathy Caylor had been praying that somehow in her Region Holy Spirit would open doors to get into the Public Schools. Read Cathy’s story of the doors that opened up for her.