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Arkansas Aglow DMWOKArkansas Aglow DMWOKOn Saturday, April 13 Arkansas Aglow joined 150 mama and papa bears at the Capital to pray. Some brought their children which served as a visual reminder of the importance of raising the coming generations in a manner that aligns them with Biblical values. #dontmesswithourkids

Nona Minyard, State Prayer Coordinator, said, “The prayers declared on this day are going to literally shift everything. God is nudging His people to stand, fast, and pray! The seed is planted and now, we continue to water and nurture it with our praise and prayers.” 

So often we have heard Jane Hansen Hoyt say, “Half the battle is won by our simply showing up.” We want to encourage every Aglow group to be proactive in supporting Biblical values locally. What we do matters. It carries weight in the Kingdom.