All We Have is Given to Us in Christ

This is an excerpt from Jane’s opening message of the 2019 Jerusalem Convocation.

He works quietly on the inside and keeps aligning us with Heaven. He keeps aligning us with Him. We do not want just good works, we want Christ. We want the Spirit of Christ. We want to see Him reproduced in the earth. . . . Look for the new. Do not make it up just because you heard something new was going to happen. Let it be Him. Because when it is Him, there is not doubt in anyone’s mind. It is supernatural. . . Lord, I just want to say, we are looking. We are watching. We are waiting with expectant hearts.


Shadow Ministry

This is an excerpt from Jane’s blog

There can be times when the enemy tries to thwart your ongoing ministry by whispering to you that “you are not effective.” You may feel that what you are doing…or the lack thereof…is not yielding the fruit you would like to “see.” . . .
My friend, let me say from the fullness of my heart, you, too, are casting a shadow. (See Acts 5:15) It comes in the simplest of ways. . . . My life, your life, lived out in the natural ways, as we go about our daily tasks also casts a shadow.

You will never be aware of how many times and how many ways that Jesus has shown up through you. It is the power of His life in YOU, coming forth at all times….to cast His shadow through you.

Live in a way that you are unconscious of yourself. Let Jesus just flow through you….every day…in every way.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1