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Apostolic Prophetic Watchmen – Anointed and Called for this Hour

This is an excerpt from one of Jane’s letters. For the complete letter see Because You Asked.

To be apostolic means you carry a breaker anointing. . . . You break open a way to move forward into the future and into the fullness of what God has called us to be. Prophetic means you sense something. You might even see it in the eye of your spirit, but it hasn’t become reality yet. Apostolic breaks the way open for what you’re seeing in the prophetic realm. You are “going after it” (going to get a thing with determination) to break open the way so that the prophetic word can be realized in people’s lives, in cities, and in nations. It’s bringing Heaven to earth! A watchman means you’re standing on the wall. You are keeping your eye on what’s taking place in the world, keeping your eye on what God says about the future and the current day in which we live.


Apostolic Prophetic Watchmen

This is an excerpt from one of Jane’s letters. For the complete letter see Keeping Aglow Light Footed.

A powerful decree was made by Chuck Pierce at the 2018 U.S. National Conference in Spokane, Washington. His decree came following the report being given at the podium of Aglow’s trip into Viet Nam earlier that year. As he listened, what he was hearing in his spirit was, “It is a move of God that has moved women from prayer warriors to apostolic-prophetic watchmen.” He went on to say, “This is a major shift and it is an identity expression that we have not seen in the past.”

As 2019 began I had a strong sense that there would be a great battle raging between light and darkness, between the forces of evil and God, a battle that evil will lose. We see the evidence of this battle growing as all creation groans for the return of Jesus.