Let Him Increase

This is an excerpt from one of Jane’s blogs. For the complete blog see Let Him Increase.

A friend of mine brought my attention to an article recently published in Charisma magazine. The title was, “Do You Hear the Alarm?” The author was speaking about a storm coming. I am not an alarmist by nature. Yet, with the increased sound of hate speech and violence in the world, it is impossible to not realize we are living in times that are revealing greater darkness. The need for light, brilliant light is being sought out in an ever-increasing way. People are looking for hope, for encouragement, and for the firm foundation that truth brings. . . I feel there is an urgency to take some necessary steps, as the Lord has been prompting. We do this without a sense of fear, but of preparation.

  • Take more quiet time to sit in His Presence.
  • Take time to commune with Him.
  • Pray from the position of peace.
  • Speak from that place of inner quietness.

Let Him increase within you so your light becomes even brighter.


God’s Word Will Not Fail

This is an excerpt from one of Jane’s letters. For the complete letter see His Word Will Not Fail.

In the New Testament, God says, "My word is a seed." You are born again of incorruptible seed. Dutch explained that 'seed' is the word sperma. God is saying, "The seed of My Word has life in it and when My Words are sown, they have the ability to reproduce. When My Word goes forth, Holy Spirit hovers around or releases His power with My Word and the two come together and now, they are not just words, they are life-words that begin to spring up and reproduce." What a powerful, incredible truth!