Give Thanks for His Goodness

Excerpts from Jane’s Face Book posts. Follow Jane on Face Book

The Glory of God is that He is Good and He wants to bring His Goodness to every situation in your life. He wants you to encounter His Goodness. Expect it.

God's Goodness is critical in times of warfare. His Goodness enables you to prosper when the enemy is working against you. Oh, His Goodness builds you up while disarming and stripping the enemy! I love giving room for His Goodness to flow like a river around me, in me, and through me."

Do you live in the awareness that the Goodness of God follows you daily? Well, it does! I encourage you to welcome and receive that Goodness right now. Let it come in waves that saturate you to the bone!


Anointed to Change the Atmosphere!

Excerpt from Jane’s Facebook posts. Follow Jane on Facebook.

God has built in us an awareness that we carry something of His Presence that is beyond what we see or feel. When you go into a nation, a state, a region, a community, a village, an occupied territory - any place - you bring His Presence with you. You are anointed to change the atmosphere!

  • Lord, I walk in the awareness of Your Presence. Everywhere I go, Your Presence is changing the atmosphere.
  • Lord, let there be a visible demonstration of Your Peace and goodness as I walk through troubled environments.
  • By Your Presence, cause broken, wounded hearts to be healed.
  • By Your Presence, let honor, love and justice flow from Heaven through me to bring healing to my land.