Great Expectation

This is an excerpt from Jane’s letter, “A Turning Point”. For the complete letter, go to A Turning Point.

A few nights ago I was awakened in the darkened, wee hours of the morning with this empowering thought…

“Have great expectation! There is something God wants to do that will bring huge breakthroughs, in a mixture of areas, in a multitude of lives all around you.”

I feel that it is a time to see everything that comes to you as a vehicle of empowerment to move your faith forward in your journey to “come up higher.” Ephesians 1:11b-12a states that “He works all things after the counsel of His own will…. that we should be to the praise of His Glory.”

God is calling out to us to come up here so that He might reveal to us what He is about to do in the earth. Just as the word expectation was spoken to me in those early morning hours, I believe He is speaking this to Aglow because it is a time we are to live in great expectation of what is coming and to rule in the midst of every enemy!

Come Up Here

Come Up Higher – Heavenly Love

This is an excerpt from Jane’s blog, “Human Love . . . Lifted to the Divine”.

As we hear the words of Asher Intrater, spoken at our Convocation in Jerusalem, saying to us, “Come up higher,” we realize that our need for a certain kind of fellowship with Jesus is now being elevated to a higher place. Because it is not a known thing to us, it may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but if we are willing to lay down what we have known, to enter into the unknown, we will realize that the fellowship in this new era is not based upon things we have grown accustomed to in past days. He is forging something new, something greater.

As you pray and worship in intimacy with Christ, be lifted to the Divine.