We Were Born For This

This is an excerpt from Jane’s Facebook posts. Follow Jane on Facebook.

There is something new that I believe is presently upon us. Don’t work at it. Just rest and let the Lord unfold what He is wanting to do with this new sense of His Presence.

God is building in us an awareness that we carry something of His Presence that is beyond what we see or feel. When you go into a nation, a state, a region, a community, a village - any place - you bring His Presence with you. You are an atmosphere changer!

This is not a time to go about business as usual. This is a call to awaken to what God is doing in this hour. Be assured that His plans and purposes cannot be thwarted! Two thousand years ago Jesus urged His disciples to be aware of the time and stay awake and watch with Him.

He has planted Aglow across the globe and we are uniquely positioned as His army in the earth. The warrior spirit of Moses, Joshua, and Caleb is rising in our midst. The spirit of worship and royalty that was on David is being restored. The wisdom of Daniel and the anointing of Esther are increasing in us. The revelations of Paul are exploding!

We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by the chaos in the world. We are a people of a different spirit who know the times and the seasons. We must keep oil in our lamps as we watch for the Lord’s return. And He is coming! "I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take away your crown." Rev 3:11 NLT

Stay awake! Be prepared! We were born for this!


Take Shelter in Jesus

This is an excerpt from Jane’s blog, Take Shelter in Jesus

This morning, as I read the Word, I intentionally looked for Scriptures that spoke of “shelter.” Of course, we know that the meaning of the word shelter is: To protect or shield from something harmful.

Shelter is one of the basic human needs, along with food, water, and companionship.

Shelter is a structure that protects from the elements, against attacks or danger. It is a place to live or dwell.

For instance, if you get lost in the woods, the first thing you do is to seek shelter or a protected place to stay. So, shelter provides cover!

Jesus is a safe place to SHELTER. He covers us in the storms of life. He redeems our life from destruction, and He crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies.

Bless you today, as you continue to take SHELTER in His Presence. Find some good worship music and join Heaven in worshipping Jesus.