Made New

He Makes All Things New

Aglow is not the same ministry it was formed to be in the late 1960’s, nor the 1980’s, nor the year 2000. Today, as I was talking to God, I found myself saying, “I yield. I yield to the process, the mess, the leg that is hurting….because You are in it all. You reign over all. Your creative hand is moving across this situation and across the world to form something wonderfully new. wanted the new before I fully understood all that was involved in the process. And, I want the new now…IN THE MIDST OF THE PROCESS.

The Treasure in the Field – His Presence

My heart’s cry for every meeting held under the covering of Aglow is that we would be a living tabernacle for the Presence of God. Everything must flow from that place – growth, language, teaching, worship, prayer, planning, etc. The Holy Spirit has been our Leader from the beginning. As we approach the coming of Jesus, our sensitivity to His Presence and His leading must increase. We must be moving in such a way that others will desire to follow His leading simply by observing us. . . .