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Aglow Ghana

Dorothy Danso, National President of Ghana, and Mrs. Susan-Mary Twumasi, National Secretary, sent in the annual report for 2022. Dorothy said, “The year 2022 started well until the economic crisis raised its head and things started going downhill, but we never lost hope because we were reminded of Paul’s words that though we were hard-pressed on every side, we were not crushed. We were perplexed, but not in despair! By God’s Grace, we were very much encouraged.”

The year began with their annual prayer conference that was held in various areas of the nation from morning until early afternoon. The theme of the conference was from Acts entitled, The outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Many attended and it was very successful.

In years past, breakfast meetings were common, but now, more meetings with focused prayer were held. The economic hardships and world challenges caused more people to pray and through that, more souls were won to the Lord and others rededicated their walks. This year of prayer has proved to be very fruitful. 

Because members were not able to travel to the United States for the 2022 conference in St. Louis, MO for reasons beyond their control, those in the nation were eager to attend the Ghana National Conference in Kumasi held Sept 29 – Oct 3. There were about 2,000 in attendance with mostly Aglow speakers. God drew many souls to Himself and all are still basking in His Presence. 

The third Saturday of every month is a special day set aside for prayer nationally. Because of television coverage, both Aglow and non-Aglow members attend. On the last 3rd Saturday day of prayer, December 17th, Dorothy said, “We celebrated in grand style with the theme ‘Celebrating the Goodness of the Lord at the forecourt of the State House, Accra. There were great presentations of food from all the regions in the nation that were sent to the orphanages in Accra. Some regions had special dances by their Teen Aglow groups with their tambourines beautifully decorated.”

The guest of honor at the prayer meeting was the former Chief Justice, Her Ladyship, Justice Georgina T. Wood, and a member of the present council of State. It was a beautiful time of blessing for all in attendance.

The nation of Ghana was saddened by the death of Mrs. Comfort-Chemfe Adjarko, a National board member as the year ended. Pray for them as they seek the Lord for a replacement, as well as, her family.