Aglow Togo – Great is God’s Faithfulness

We received this update from Aglow Togo. They beautifully share how God has blessed their prayers and been faithful through 2020.

Aglow Malawi – 2020 A Year of Great Harvest

During their time of weekly prophetic intercession, fasting, and prayer, the Holy Spirit directed the leaders in Malawi to use COVID-19 as a tool to preach Jesus. Their theme for 2020 was a Year of Great Harvest and New Dawn of Restoration. They put into action Aglow’s tagline, Every Nation Touched, Every Heart Changed.

News from Aglow South Africa

The following is news pulled from the December 2020 Newsletter for Aglow South Africa, written by their Aglow National President, Zameka Sijadu. Aglow is alive and on fire in RSA!