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Aglow Cameroon Evangelism

We praise the Lord for our Generations Group in Cameroon! Evangelism is their heart and focus. We bless their diligence in raising up young people who have had difficult lives in the love and knowledge of the Lord. Let’s join them in prayer for a larger gathering place where they meet to encourage, disciple, and train up young people.

The latest news regarding our Christian walk is very eventful in recent times by the Bible study. In Cameroon at the moment it is raining heavily and this prevents us from going to the missionary field to go evangelize the sheep. We have found it better to gather from time to time in our premises to praise and worship our Lord.

We have focused the teachings on new converts, and many gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We directed them to continue to manifest their will to serve the Lord.

We are looking for a large room that will allow us to accommodate such a large number of young people, orphans, and destitute for better supervision. The group experiences difficulty in supervising the young people who arrive because many do not lead an easy life linked to poverty. Our spiritual supervision helps restore their confidence to serve the Lord and avoid being demoted in sin.

We can only thank the Lord because He gives great strength to cumulatively keep the teachings in the Word of God every Saturday. Such a large number attend so that the room is not able to occupy everyone.

We give glory to Jesus Christ for these great wonders in our lives and may all the glory come to Him! Receive our sincere greetings and also our sincere greetings to the whole Aglow International community.

From John Paglan, Cameroon Generation Coordinator