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Evangelism in CameroonEarlier in 2023, Joh Paglan, a co-leader of the Generations Group in Yaounde, Cameroon, sent a report telling of God’s faithfulness as members of the group go to the highways and byways. John said, “Our outreach was very extensive and we shared the Gospel of Jesus with more than 5,000 souls. Nearly 2,200 gave their lives to Jesus! We find that the harvest is ripe for gathering in, but the laborers are few, just as the Bible declares. 

During December of last year, we walked half a mile into the countryside, announcing the Good News while we went. Most of the time, we walk the whole distance, leaving very early in the morning and spending the night to return home the next day. Our group refuses to give up on evangelizing because we know that is the only way some will hear and be saved. 

Sometimes, our mission is painful because of the bad weather we encounter in the bush or the forest. Some villages are cut off from hearing about Jesus because there are no churches. It still surprises us when we talk to them about Jesus and they have never heard. We feel a huge responsibility to make sure they hear, or they easily succumb to alcohol and cannabis. 

Even though our financial means are modest, we are still able to bring some food, clothes, and shoes. Even though the road seems paved with difficulties, God makes a way for us to speak to many about Jesus. Glory to His Name!