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Inspiration From Aglow Togo

The Aglow Togo National Board organized a 3-day Retreat this past April after a very long time since meeting together physically due to the Covid lockdown in their nation. This gathering was for the benefit of the Local Fellowship Presidents and members and the Capital Prayer Intercessors. Each Local Fellowship was given the opportunity to share their testimony during times of confinement from Covid.

Aglow Togo National President, Agnès A. Dopé Eho-Johnson, shared a powerful message with the participants regarding the various prophetic words and messages translated and sent to them from Aglow International. Below is her message to leaders:

These messages reminded us of our values, our vision, our mission, our various mandates in this period of the third awakening with our Apostolic and Prophetic responsibility. We understand that we are no longer Aglow of the 80s or 90s but today Aglow has become “ONE ETERNAL MINISTRY” and we must all align ourselves with the purposes of Heaven. Above all, we have understood that assuming one's identity is a responsibility. We also know that we must prepare for this third revival in a new spirit by resetting our hearts with the support of the Holy Spirit without whom we can do nothing.

We bless the Lord for the lives of our leaders who continue to support us through the concerted actions of the Aglow International Office and the Aglow Africa Office. Indeed, we continue to receive personal letters of comfort from Jane Hansen Hoyt, International President, as well as other messages and the monthly Global Pray Targets. We so appreciate all these working tools that allow us to align ourselves with the objectives of Aglow International as a whole by renewing our faith to stand firm, upright and with our heads held high in the face of the various trials in these difficult times that the whole world is going through.

Receive our sincere thanks for your prayers which accompany us. Our nation is increasingly threatened by insecurity in the sub-region and we will need your eternal support more. We too will not stop praying for you and your families. We have a real feeling of belonging to a Big Family and of living in peace and security (in a boiling and troubled world) in this family cocoon, sheltered from all evil, which is Aglow International whose culture is love.
Thus, as members of this family, we have, each at our level more than ever, the duty to share this love around us: Each nation touched, each heart transformed, this is our slogan.

May God continue to shower His abundant blessings on all of us.

In 2017, Dutch Sheets, speaking prophetically to Aglow said, “God has positioned you, Aglow, both spiritually and geographically to be a leading ministry in the Third Great Awakening.” Togo is positioned to receive a great outpouring that will bring thousands to Christ. Never think your nation is too small, or that the work of preparation God has done through the years is too little. You will arrive at the right place at the right time with all of the backing of Heaven.