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A Challenging Year

2021 was a challenging year for Aglow in South Africa. The lockdown restrictions made it hard to have our usual weekly face-to-face meeting. We resumed our meetings toward the end of the year when restrictions were lifted. The young adults continued with meetings and gatherings online via Zoom or WhatsApp video.

We had a commitment to support a Catholic old age home where food and clothing parcels were delivered in November. Unfortunately, one of the residents was COVID positive so we were unable to go in and just dropped off our parcels and spoke to the administrators.

We also adopted a children’s home in Yeoville, Johannesburg, and also delivered food parcels, sanitary towels, and toiletries. This visit was on the same day as the Catholic old age home, so we divided ourselves into 2 groups to attend to our commitments. This group welcomed us with joy and we were able to share the Gospel with the children and pray.

The year ended on a sad note as the Catholic Priest who we often worked in conjunction with to feed the Catholic old age home, as well as, the homeless and destitute passed away. We’re hoping that his replacement will continue in his footsteps.

The young adults also adopted an orphanage (Synagogue Children of Hope) which they visit twice a year. Grocery parcels were delivered and the word was shared with the children and the staff.

The young adults, also, had their annual lunch at Indaba Hotel on 18 Dec 2021, as per their culture to give a platform to women in the group who currently run businesses to promote their businesses. Two ladies were selected who promoted their business and also shared their personal journeys in starting the business in the hope of encouraging other ladies in the entrepreneurial field. They concluded with a gift exchange between the members and a prayer.

We concluded the year with our annual dinner at a member’s house on 17 December 2021 where ladies shared testimonies of the Goodness of our God during this time. We prayed and shared an awesome meal.