fire web“You have given me the heritage of those who fear, revere and honor Your name” (Psalm 61:5), speaks of a precious heritage. Heritage speaks of something that is, “handed down, or transmitted by, or acquired from, a predecessor." While we understand that salvation is not inherited, but is every individual’s personal decision, I believe that hunger for the things of God can be encouraged. “To transmit” means to convey from one person to another, to hand down, to cause or to allow to spread. I am so thankful for my heritage and for the hunger that was transmitted. It began with the preaching of a fiery, bold Irishman, who touched the life of my father in such a way that it continues yet today through me, my children, and grandchildren. My prayer is for that kind of zeal in preaching to return to the church, and for that kind of fearless, bold description of “God’s Love,” and “God’s Hell” to overtake us, affecting and transmitting everyone in our path.

Will Aglow allow the Holy Spirit to blow a new fire in our midst? My response is YES! COME HOLY SPIRIT!!

(An excerpt from Jane’s blog A Precious Heritage)

We Must Not Stop Praying!

leaders webThank you for praying so faithfully for the transition taking place since America's election of a new President. The Bible clearly tells us in I Timothy 2:1-3 that we are to make "supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks for all those in authority so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” A friend recently told me that an elected official said of the Body of Christ, "You pray us into office and then we are left alone." We must not stop praying!

If your nation is having elections this year, let us know so that we can join you to see God's man or woman elected to service in your nation. As we draw closer to the return of Christ, it is important that we have the men and women chosen by God to lead the nations of the world. (Jane Hansen Hoyt, March 15 Facebook post)