The Enemy Will Flee at the Gates

DeborahJust as Deborah arose when there was war at the gates…women of God are rising up against the ways the enemy is manifesting in our various cities and nations. The enemy tries to bring division, confusion, fear, even terror. BUT WOMEN will cause the enemy to flee at the gates as they bring their decisive voices of healing and peace into the nations of the world. – Jane Hansen-Hoyt Face Book post. Follow Jane on Face Book

spear webThe Point of the Spear

He has positioned Aglow to be the point of the spear. – Dutch Sheets, 2017 Jubilee Conference

From Jane Hansen Hoyt: At our recent conference, Dutch Sheets said, "Aglow is a giant-killing organization." It is who we are! This is a time to break off false timidity that comes to cause us to keep our mouth shut. This is a time to rise up and move forward in courage and boldness.