Bread of Life

We Are Hungry For You, Lord

This is an excerpt from one of Jane’s Face Book posts. Follow Jane on Face Book

I believe that God has called Aglow to be one of those ministries that not only will allow, but will compel the Holy Spirit to flow into our lives as individuals, and as a ministry, to display His Glory in a way not yet seen on earth. So many words have been given to us regarding this very thing.

I think of Naomi in the book of Ruth when she heard that the Lord had visited His people by giving them bread and she returned to the place of bread. There is a hunger for bread today. There is a restless stirring and desire for more than what we have known, or have eaten in past times. We are crying out for a fresh revelation of The Word, the Bread of Life.

Hunger is a sign of health. Appetite is a sign of an increasing desire for more and more and more. Books, sermons, and conferences that once hit the mark for us, feeding us in beautiful ways, no longer seem to draw us in the same way. The absence of that desire…and even the absence of what satisfies…is a clear sign that God is not withholding anything good from us, but is allowing a season of hunger to increase within, so that we will step into a deeper place of relationship and communion with Him.

 The Year of FAITH

This is an excerpt from Jane’s blog, The Year of Faith.

Together, we greet the new year, 2019. The number nineteen is the number of FAITH!!

I have sensed the Lord saying to me that in 2019 we will see an increase in both light and darkness. Each will be more pronounced. The light will shine brightly and the darkness will become more dense. I also sense there will be something serious occurring in the United States this next year, but we are to guard our hearts against fear. He is with us and is increasing the territory under our feet.

Just keep walking forward in both alignment and authority; alignment with Heaven and with each other. The increased authority will flow out of increased relationship. Walk in faith. Explore faith. Let faith increase.

I close with this word from Romans 1:17, “The just shall live by faith!”

This is a season of rising in faith, which means there will also be things in our lives that cause our faith to grow. I can see you standing taller from here!