A Breakthrough Portal Year

Jane shared several profound, identifying statements that were made by the speakers at our 2017 Aglow Jubilee Conference. Make these declarations over Aglow in your nation. For more, see Fresh Fire From Our 50th Year Celebration.

  • This is a breakthrough portal year for Aglow. We received a new mantle and a recommissioning with an apostolic anointing like received by Saul and Barnabus in Acts 13.
  • A new scepter of royal kingly authority is given to you.
  • Aglow, chosen as an end times Kingdom movement, is to exemplify all that Heaven is on earth.
  • Aglow has remained a fresh wineskin that moves in both wisdom and revelation, receiving strategies to change the world.

The Field is Yours!

Remember the story of Ruth. She initially just began to take some of the scraps along the side, but the day came when the field was hers! And I am telling you, the field is yours. The field is yours. The field is yours. – Jane Hansen-Hoyt, Aglow Jubilee Conference, Richmond, VA