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Eternally Grateful

Sharon Schumer recently renewed her annual Global Partnership. When she received the initial thank you for renewing, she sent the following message:

 “When I first learned of Aglow and became a Covenant Partner in the early 80’s, I told myself I would always be a part of Aglow as long as their mission does not change. It has not, and I am eternally grateful for all I have learned about the Lord and Holy Spirit, His Word and ways. 

At 80, I thank Jesus for the Aglow leadership, men and women nationally and internationally. The times in His Presence are never forgotten. Thank you for your service for our Lord Jesus and His people and all “not yet” Christ followers.”

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If you would like to learn more about Global Partnership, click here Global Partnership. You can even sign up or renew from the link. 

PS. If you are wondering when Covenant Partnership was renamed to Global Partnership, it happened on April 1, 2015 and was a decision made by the International Board of Directors.