News from Aglow South Africa

The following is news pulled from the December 2020 Newsletter for Aglow South Africa, written by their Aglow National President, Zameka Sijadu. Aglow is alive and on fire in RSA!

Dear Aglow Game Changers 2020!!! 

What a year!!! As we exit “Twenty Twenty” we testify that “God is FAITHFUL” Aglow both International and National continued to fulfil its mandate and purpose on earth. When the new normal hit our shores and borders, though we were shocked by the sudden change, the wind of the Spirit of God carried us into the new reality of life. As social distancing became the norm, face to face contacts became the thing of the past. We were introduced into virtual life through technology, zoom meetings, online teaching, online shopping, online memorial services, etc. Many lost loved ones, Coronavirus came close to home, BUT GOD remained steadfast, as we continue to stand on the promises of His word, He has proved Himself to be faithful.

Prayer has always remained the foundations stone of Aglow to make an impact in our communities and nation. As lockdown began Aglow SA has engaged in prayer in the most impactful way. Through Zoom Meetings we were able to meet as one and pray together as a nation from various provinces. I believe even Areas and Lighthouses have also adopted the strategy of praying together through Zoom Meetings. We thank Pastor Yoli our National Prayer Coordinator working with Ma Kwezi our Vice President for making this possible. 

We will be steadfast and continue to position ourselves as Aglow SA in the Governmental Authority of the Key of David, Isaiah 22:22. Let us not be shaken, God is for us. 

Game Changers Training has also continued every first Monday of the month without fail, and those of us who are part of this journey have been transformed by the teachings of Game Changers Training. I encourage you in 2021 to be part of this life transforming tool of the Kingdom of God through Zoom Meeting.