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Aglow Togo – Great is God’s Faithfulness

We received this update from Aglow Togo. They beautifully share how God has blessed their prayers and been faithful through 2020.

We thank God Faithful for His support and protection. We heard about the virus and all of a sudden it happened to us in Togo. The country's authorities carried out a total containment that began in March 2020. This lasted about 4 months with curfews throughout the territory. We have submitted to the instructions of the authorities, but we encourage each other through WhatsApp.

We would like to thank our dear Mother, Madam Vice-President of the Africa Committee in charge of the Francophone Region, Mrs. Sami Gertrude, who has strengthened the fire in us by constantly maintaining contact with us through messages of encouragement and telephone calls via WhatsApp. She has always encouraged us to continue to pray and intercede in this time of great global health challenges. 

We immediately asked all members to review, intensify and improve their own personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through unrelenting moments of prayers, fasts, and vigils. Prayer would improve their own lives and that of their families and not to forget to intercede for the whole world in general and Aglow International.

With this determination in prayer and intercession, we did not stop encouraging members until the day the order came from the International Bureau to do meetings online. Our first meeting was held on August 11, 2020. This contact and test meeting through the Zoom application were a great success.

The online meeting extended to all chapters of Togo. The National leaders have consistently encouraged and exhorted members. Prayer furnished the time of confinement in Togo and we received many testimonies concerning miracles and wonders.

The time has allowed some to do evangelism by phone. As for the National Prayer Coordinator, she took the opportunity to evangelize the friends of her children who came to visit. Many of them confessed Jesus, led them into reading the Word of God and offered them Bibles. She also organized each chapter with youth and prayer days online. 

The teachings and monthly prayer requests from the International Prayer Department and the messages of International President Mama Jane that are regularly sent to us at Aglow Togo have been of great support to us. We have asked for divine help for all nations because it is for these times that the Lord has aroused Aglow International in the nations.

We bless the Lord for His fidelity, even when the contamination was raging in parts of the country, no member of the Aglow family was affected. We have seen the powerful hand of God acting in families. All this was possible because Aglow International Togo did not stop praying and interceding night and day asking the Lord to preserve, heal, and save from pandemic and death. We can testify keenly that God went through Aglow International Togo, through intercession to deliver our country.

May the Name of the Lord be praised forever.

Agnes A. Doped Eho-Johnson, Aglow Togo National President