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Aglow Central Africa Republic Outreach During COVID-19
Photo of Marie Louise (at far left) and Aglow women delivering donations to the Bangui Community Hospital.

Aglow headquarters recently received an email from Marie Louise Yakemba, National President of Aglow in Central Africa Republic. Marie Louise also serves on the Africa Committee as Secretary for the French speaking nations (Francophone)

We thank God for Aglow leaders such as Marie Louise and those working alongside her for their courage and faith. Their nation has experienced ongoing civil war since 2012 to the present. And in the midst of the terror and chaos of war, and now also the COVID-19 pandemic, they continue to spread the love and gospel of Jesus Christ through their work in Aglow International.

On October 10, 2020 a group of Aglow women delivered much needed equipment and supplies to the hospital in the capital city of Bangui. Marie Louise writes (translated from French), "We give glory to the Lord for what He has put in the hearts of Aglow women of Central African Republic to be able to do, donating to the Bangui Community Hospital, nose masks to help health care workers protect themselves against Coronavirus, and also walkers and wheelchairs for the sick."

"We are also happy to report that the entire Aglow family in the Central African Republic is doing well with the grace of God."