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  1. The Bible
    Have you been amazed by something a little child said?  Perhaps it was the way he explained how a toy worked.  Or maybe it was the sharing of an exciting adventure.  With their uncluttered minds and their simple, trusting ways, children often grasp things we adults miss.
  2. Forgiveness
    Is it wrong to hold a grudge?  To refuse forgiveness to someone who's wronged you? Do we have to keep on giving another chance to people who continually cause us sorrow and hurt?  Must we continue to forgive under all circumstances?
  3. The Fruit of the Spirit
    As believers, we are "planted" when we are born again into a relationship with Jesus.  The Holy Spirit then lovingly nourishes and prunes us so that our lives "grow" the character traits of Christ.  Scripture calls these traits the fruit of the Spirit and tells us that spiritual fruitfulness is the Lord's goal for all believers.
  4. God's Gift of Salvation
    Do you believe that God doesn’t care about you as a woman?  That He’s indifferent to your concerns, your hopes, and your dreams?  That He really doesn’t care what happens to you?  Many years ago in another country, there lived a woman much like you.  Her story is recorded in the Bible.  This is what it says.
  5. Healing
    Do you believe in healing? More to the point, have you ever experienced healing? Or have you prayed for someone and seen him recover, perhaps before your eyes? When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, healing - physical, emotional, and spiritual - both for ourselves and the people we pray for - is part of the salvation package we receive from God.
  6. Jesus Christ, Son of God
    Who was Jesus?  Is He just a name to you?  Was He an actual person or are accounts of Him only myths or fanciful tales?  Was He just a great teacher?  An ordinary human being?  Or don't you know what you believe?
  7. Prayer
    Like the disciples, we, too, need help and encouragement to be effective women of prayer.  And just as the Lord taught them to pray, so the Holy Spirit can help us to pray as we consider the principles Jesus taught in The Lord's Prayer.  If we approach this familiar prayer as eager and teachable children discovering something new, we'll be surprised at how much the Holy Spirit will show us through it.
  8. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
    As a Christian, have you ever wished for more spiritual power in your life?  More power to resist sin?  More power to tell others about Jesus? More power to love and to live the Christian life as you should?
  9. The Unopened Gift
    Do you like to receive gifts?  Most people do.  Some can't hold back their excitement; they rip off the wrapping as fast as they can.But did you ever know anyone who received a gift and was so sure she knew what was inside she didn't even bother to unwrap it? That's the way a lot of Christians act.