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Blood of Jesus (Nepalese)
The blood of Jesus!  We talk about it.  We sing about it.  We use the words in our affirmations and in our prayers.  But do we really understand why these precious words have such an important place in the Christian faith?

Intercession - Part 1 (Nepalese)
Do you believe that intercession is only for a skillful few who have been given a special gift for it? This is not what the Bible teaches. It tells us that God wants all of us to be intercessors. Intercession is simply one form of prayer. At its most basic, it is praying for someone else. At its most sublime, it is sharing God's heart for the world and cooperating with Him to bring His desires into existence. In this study we hope to take some of the mystery out of intercession and show you how to become the intercessor God wants you to be.

Intercession - Part 2 (Nepalese)
In the first part of this study, we learned that God wants all of us to be intercessors -- to cooperate with Him in bringing His plans to fruition. We also began to look at some of the principles of intercession. In this second part, we will show you what else the Bible teaches to make us successful intercessors.

Jesus, Our Re-Creator God - Part 1 (Nepalese)
Although scientists and other religions have complex theories about the creation of the world, the Bible explains it succintly. In this study we will learn how Jesus created the world and also makes us a new creation through salvation.

Jesus, Our Re-Creator God - Part 2 (Nepalese)
All of the people Jesus touched were not "notorious sinners". In this half of the study we will look at others whom Jesus "re-created".

Our Compassionate God and Savior - Part 1 (Nepalese)
Literally, compassion means suffering with another, having pity and sympathy for others. God is our compassionate Father and Jesus is our compassionate Savior, our King who rules with gentleness and mercy. As we watch Him move against the backdrop of the Palestinian countryside, we see His compassion every step of the way.

Our Compassionate God and Savior - Part 2 (Nepalese)
In the first part of this study on Jesus' compassion, we looked at many healings and acts of mercy He performed. In this part, we will continue that study.

Praise and Worship (Nepalese)
Heaven is a place of praise and worship of God. Earth should be as well. Perhaps you wonder why. Why should I praise and worship the Lord? What difference does it make anyway?

Why Christians Suffer (Nepalese)
Why do Christians have to suffer? Didn't Jesus say that He had come "to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed" (Luke 4: 18), "to bind up the broken hearted...and to comfort all who mourn" (Isaiah 61: 1, 2)? Surely, that includes suffering.