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Jane Hansen Hoyt

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We Are World Changers

What an awesome gathering of World Changers - World Changers who are arising globally, World Changers who are radiant with the love and the life of Jesus.  You have heard it said already this morning that Aglow is a transformational Kingdom culture whose mindsets are not of this world. We are people who live Heaven to earth and we are bringing Heaven to earth. 

We are World Changers!  We are Game Changers! We are a global organization of some 200,000 warriors and champions.  We touch some 17 million people in the earth annually.  We have a 46 year history of evangelism, discipleship, leadership and leadership training.  46 years!  And we do that with the support of some 20,000 indigenous leaders throughout the world.  What a unique organization.  What a unique work of the Spirit has taken place in this ministry and through this ministry.  Give yourselves a hand.

Aglow reaches out to men and women of every creed, every color, and every culture.  We are impacting families, communities, and nations with hope and love, and care.  We are setting the feet of people free releasing them from the bondage they have walked in.  It is a mighty thing that is taken place. 

We honor what has been our past, our 46 years, but God is doing a new thing.  He has been about a fresh work of the Spirit in our ministry.  And in these past few years we sense a freshness arising. 

The Bees Are Amassing Again

Recently, I was with Chuck Pierce at his Head of the Year conference.  That was a blessing, and it was a blessing to be able to speak there as well.  Chuck’s assistant, Brian, had contacted me a few weeks earlier saying that something unique had happened in their Sunday morning service at Glory of Zion.  While they were worshiping a prophetic word came forth.

He felt the word that came forth that morning was unique.  The word was that the “bees are amassing again”, that this is the “year of the bee” and that as His honeybees amassed in the nations of the world, he saw a “miracle box”.  He said that “miracle box” represented the things that God wanted to do in the earth, but He saw at the same time a honeycomb.  So a miracle box, but a honeycomb. 

He said that as women began to stand in the midst of the honeycomb, women’s structures throughout the world would begin to shift and change, that a new honeycomb was even taking place.  As they amassed and stood in the midst of this honeycomb, worshipping God, that there would begin to come forth from them honey from the rock and the honey of His Word would be life-transforming. 

He said the revelatory word that would be coming from the amassing of the bees in the earth would be so filled with revelation and revolutionary that it would begin to shift nations.  It would begin to bring forth a new thing in the earth.  It was like the words that were coming from the bees that were amassing was so powerful, that it was as though those words had never been heard in the earth before.  Think of it.  He said this is a crucial year for women in ministry.  I want to add I believe it is a crucial time for men and women to arise together because that is the fulfillment of the Genesis scripture, the very original purpose and plan of God as He set it in place from the beginning and those words will be fulfilled. 

When that word came forth at Glory of Zion it was speaking in general of what God was going to be doing in the gathering of the bees, and the multiplication and the amassing of the bees, the women in the earth.  What came out of that word during their Sunday morning service was a specific direction or mention of Aglow International. 

The head of the year in the Hebraic numbers represents a door, a door that we are walking though, a door of revelation, a door of hope, a door of expectancy.  God is doing something powerfully unique.  I believe it is building line upon line, word upon word that has been spoken over this ministry. 

Our Prophetic History

I usually go back to 2003, because that is the year I believe there was a prophetic shift in our ministry, and we became aware of something greater about the ministry, the focus, the purpose, the unfolding vision that was before us.  There was a significant shift. 

From 2003 forward, and you have heard me say this, you have seen it in letters, but let me refresh your memory.  In 2004 came the word about the key.  “I give you the key, I give you the key, I give you the key.  22 is your number.  Isaiah 22 is your scripture.  I will put in your hand a key that will open doors that no man can shut, and shut doors that no man can open.”  That speaks of authority.  I believe Aglow was mantled anew, in that year in a greater way with authority.  God was saying, “Awaken.  Awaken, women, awaken, men.  Listen to what I am saying to you.” 

2005, 2006, 2007, words continued to come and build on the shift that happened in 2003.  We have been told we are Jaels.  We carry the tent peg.  You know what Deborah’s name means, don’t you?  It means “bee”.  And Deborah knew how to sting her enemies.  So Jael, bee, sting your enemies.

We were told through Asher that we were a “Company of Marys” that would be a part of ushering back in the second coming of Jesus.  That even as Mary had brought Him forth physically in the earth, that we would be part of something in the Spirit realm that was powerful as we move toward Last Day times.

This word that I am going to refer to now is connected to the word that Graham gave in 2008.  Because when a word comes like the honey bees are amassing again, it is not separated from other words that have been spoken into the ministry before. 

So the Word in 2008, Kathy often says, “Jane and I carry this word around with us all the time.”  It is true.  It is in my file here.  Everywhere I go I carry that word.  And every time I read it, which is frequently, I see something new.  I see an expansion.  I have an understanding.  It just keeps unfolding, and unfolding, and unfolding.

In fact, the other evening Graham was saying that when the word began to come to him it came in 3 different segments.  At 3 different periods of time he would write and think, “That’s pretty awesome!”  And then another time the Lord would begin to add to it.  And then again, add to it.  And he went on to say, “Lord, this is incredible!”  I would love to be part of something like this.  And here he is, our brother, our friend.  He walks with us; he has unfolded truth to us.  There are not words to express the appreciation I feel in my heart for God linking him and other dear brothers like Bob Wiener and so many other significant leaders in the body of Christ.  It is like God is joining something together.

God builds line upon line, and precept upon precept, word upon word.  And in 2008 part of the word said, “I’m not coming to give you a vision for the functionality of ministry; I’m coming to give you Myself.”  By nature, often, our practice would be to go to function.  Well, it is part of ministry, and you need to think things through.  But when we heard that word, “I’m not coming to give you a vision for functionality”, you see, it has always been about relationship.  We had some things backwards.  “I’m coming to give you Myself.  I’m changing the order by which you have known me."  That will give you a heads up.

You know it is important to not rush past words.  They are important.  So, “I’m coming to change the order by which you’ve known Me.”  It is not function first, it is relationship.  He went on to say, “God won’t commit you to a new level of anointing, or gifting in ministry, unless you have first gone to a new level of anointing in your relationship.”


On Monday, as the Board of Directors gathered together, and just in the flow of conversation, I heard Graham say that the most important thing you can teach is about Presence.  You cannot teach Presence from theory.  You have to experience it, and then what comes forth from you is Presence.  And the words that you say are backed by the experience that you have had in your own person.  I believe that is the greatest thing Aglow can impart in the nations of the world is His presence.  Please hear me.  You, as leaders in the nations of the world, your greatest ministry, your greatest message, is to bring His Presence in your sphere of leadership and influence. 

So God was telling us, “I’m changing the order by which you have known Me, and it won’t be about function, it will be about relationship.”  That came in 2008.  I can tell you that from my own personal journey, I can hear it from the Board, and I can hear it from everyone who has come to speak.

Didn’t you love the way Dianne took the offering?  Very clever, Dianne.  But you could hear through the words of taking an offering the new truth and the life that is happening within us, changing the order by which we know Him.  Changing the order of our speech, adjusting the lens of our eyes and our spirit to see things differently than we saw them before.

Fresh Bread

I was caught by a scripture recently from the book of Ruth.  Naomi had left Bethlehem, the House of Bread, and gone to Moab and lived there for 10 years.  During that period of time her husband had passed away, and then her two sons.   In Ruth 1:6 this very simple line grabbed my heart.  It says this, “The Lord has visited His people by giving them bread.” 

God has visited Aglow in these last few years.  I know we are not a people of visitation, we are a people of habitation, but God has been ministering the depths of His truth to us in ways that this truth is coming forth with a freshness, like a fresh loaf of bread.  Aglow has been a “house of bread” for millions, but He has visited us with fresh bread. 

Fresh bread is interesting.  Just the aroma creates hunger.  Have you ever walked past a bakery and you are busy about your day, and all of a sudden the aroma of fresh bread creates desire, creates hunger.  It creates a need to taste. 

That has been happening in this ministry.  That is what is happening in your life, as you marinate in the truths that have been spoken to us.  Truths that sometimes you hear and you think, “Well, I knew that, but yet…” It is like a fresh anointing and a depth to the truth that is life-changing.  It is not just listening to old truths.  It is like ancient truths are becoming current day life and bread in our lives.  Would you not agree? 

We have had personal upgrades.  We have risen in our identity.  We have a greater understanding of who we are in Jesus, and who He is in us.  We are coming into a greater understanding of the power and completeness and abundance of the life within us.  We are learning to walk in the fullness of that.  Not measure, fullness.  He is adjusting our perception.  As Graham said to our leaders yesterday, “Aglow’s journey is about seeing God as He really is.  A passion for Christ has been coming into this movement, and it is that passion - your lingering in His Presence and being carriers of His Presence - that will change the world.

When the word came at Glory of Zion that the bees are amassing again, my mind went back to the early 1970’s, because there was an amassing of the bees then.  There was an unusual move of the Spirit.  Women began to gather together, and Aglow was formed as one of the gathering places for women.   That was our primary focus at that point.  We were a gathering place where women could share about the baptism of the Spirit and what Jesus was doing.  But something greater began to emerge as we walked along as His vision and His understanding of our ministry began to unfold.

The Two-fold Purpose of God

 Old Testament - Genesis 1: God's Image is Male and Female

I believe that the purpose of God has been twofold to this point.  I believe it has something to do with the Old Testament, and something to do with the New Testament that is very current day.  Just allow me to hit a highlight of what it is I feel in the Old Testament. 

I believe that the Genesis scriptures, Genesis 1 and Genesis 3, are marker points for us, because this is when God was putting His foundational plan in place.  Genesis 1:26-28 has to do with the image of God.  The Word says, “Let Us create man in Our Own image.  In the image of God He created him, male and female, He created them.”  So originally the image of God was male and female.

When He created male and female in His image, and said they will bear the stamp of My likeness in the earth, He was telling us, or showing us the structure He chose to reveal Himself and make Himself known in the earth.  So from the beginning it was male and female.

Genesis 3: Dominion

The second part of God’s purpose for us has to do with our authority level.  He told Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth and take dominion over it.”   From the beginning He told us what that authority level would look like in the earth.  He showed us what dominion would look like and it was male and female.  The fall of man occurred, Satan came in the garden, Genesis 3:15, the ancient curse.  You have heard me say this before.  I will not belabor it.  The woman was the first to expose the enemy for who he really is.  She called him the deceiver.  “He deceived me, and I ate.”  God spoke into it, “Now forever and ever, she will expose you again, and again, and again.” 

The scripture says, “I will put enmity between you, Satan, and the woman, between your seed and her seed.  There will come a seed from the woman that will be to your utter destruction.  The seed that comes from you will merely bruise the heal, make a little uncomfortable, not to worry.  She will remind you day after day, ‘Stay on your belly, and eat dust!’”

I believe those 2 scriptures in the Old Testament are very significant for us as women and men.  The Genesis 3 scripture is an awakening point for you as women because of what God prophesied over the enemy, the pronouncement of God over the enemy, the fact that you are the enemy’s, enemy and not the other way around.

So when we got a scripture and a prophetic word in 2004 about Isaiah 22 saying, “I give you the key, you are going to open doors that no man can shut.  You are going to shut doors that no man can open.” - This correlates to Genesis 3.   The authority level that God wants you to arise to.  It is like an awakening in women.

Oftentimes, the church has thrown a religious burka over women.  What God has been doing, I believe, since the 1970’s, has been awakening women, calling them forth, building awareness, building them in their understanding, awakening them to their identity, awakening them to their authority level.

But He did not call women alone.  Women have needed to be healed of their barrenness.  They have needed to be awakened to their place in the Body of Christ.   They needed to be released into the fullness of who God created them to be, so that the men could become fully into who God created them to be, and we could, together, become fully purposed for who God designed us to be. 

What would have happened to the prophetic word over Abraham’s life if God had not deal with the barrenness in Sarah? So women, He has been awakening you with a divine purpose.  He has been healing any deadness within you, any sense that you are not important or not needed.  He is saying to us, “I am going back to My original purpose.  My body, My image, My people are going to arise in the earth in this last day in the way that I purposed and saw it from the beginning.

New Testament Purpose Unfolding

Let’s go to the New Testament.  Prior to the ascension of Jesus, Jesus began to expound and expand the disciples understanding about the Kingdom of God.  It was not going to be contained in a single nation, nor was it just for the Jewish people.   A mighty commissioning and a mighty outpouring of the Spirit was about to shift things forever. A great campaign of worldwide evangelism was being launched, and Jesus was about to transfer the power, the authority, and the responsibility that authorized His ministry to the disciples and those who would come after them.

Acts chapter 1:4 said, “Wait, wait for the promise of the Father.  You are going to be baptized in the Holy Spirit not many days from now.”  And then down in verse 8, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.” 

Aglow was birthed out of a move of the Spirit. We have always been about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but He is expanding our understanding.  He is causing us to arise globally, arise in our identity, and to arise in the power of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in order to accomplish what is on His heart in the nations of the world. 

He went on to say, “After you have received the power of the Holy Spirit, you will be witnesses to Me beginning in Jerusalem, Judea, Samarea, and then to the ends of the earth.”   The promise regarding the fulfillment of Kingdom expansion would flow out from the city of Jerusalem, and its ultimate goal was to reach the ends of the earth.

Can you see what God is doing in you and through you?  His Word is being fulfilled before our very eyes, and you are participants in that.   Aglow is currently in 170 nations, but over a period of time we have had impact that we can actually trace in over 190 nations of the world.

If you think of our television series, the Diwaniya television series, you would realize that with the footprint of that series alone, the millions that have been reached. 

To the ends of the earth, and He was not kidding.

Israel, Jerusalem, and an Apostolic Commission for Aglow

Sandy Wezowicz was telling you this morning about our annual trip into Israel, and I so agree with what Sandy said about her initial experience.  Somehow, when you put your foot on the land, there is a sense that you have come home.  You must join us.  We were there again this year.  Every year that we go we meet with believers in the land, Messianic believers, Israeli believers.

We had a meeting with Asher Intrater of Revive Israel.  We had a meal together and our whole group was there.  I do not remember now how many, over a hundred of us.  He began to talk about the fact that, he said, “You know, two days from now,” this was May 5th, he said, “two days from now, approximately, was the day Jesus rose and went into Heaven.   He said, “amazingly, two thousand years later, on the same day, in 1967, Israeli troops recaptured the city of Jerusalem, the city of His historical seat of government.  The same day He rose to take His heavenly authority, is the same day that the city of His earthly authority, the city of Jerusalem, was recaptured by Israeli troops who do not even believe in Him.” 

“Matthew 28 says, “All authority, all authority, all authority has been given unto Me in Heaven and in earth.”  Heavenly Jerusalem, earthly Jerusalem, all belongs to Yeshua.   He is the head of the church, He is the King of Israel, and He is bringing it all back together again.”

Then He said, “Go make disciples of all nations, and know that I am with you always.”  He did not say, “I will be with you always”, like maybe there could be a space of time when He would not be.  He did not say, “I will be with you always.”  He said, “I AM with you always.”

“So go in the confidence knowing, I am seated in the high place of Heavenly authority.  I am raising up My people, men and women in the earth, to walk in the Heavenly authority as I come to regain My seat of government in the earth.”

“Go make disciples of all people, all nations.  Go tell them what great things I have done for you.  Go preach, go heal, go cast out demons.”

“In the later days, the Word of the Lord will come out of Jerusalem again.  God is raising up a community of Jewish believers in the land, bold, evangelist, training disciples, making disciples, reaching out even beyond the Jewish people in their community to the Palestinians, to Arabs.  They have a heart that burns with fervor for Jesus and to see Yeshua crowned in the earth. So the word of the Lord will come out of Jerusalem again in power, in anointing, in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

As Asher spoke to us that evening he said, “Aglow, you have a key role to play in the end times, to help finish the Great Commission, to help preach the gospel to every nation, and for the Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit on all flesh."

The book of Acts is coming alive again!

Asher went on to say, now you understand, Asher is Messianic, so he is a believer, and he is Israeli, so he is a Jewish believer, an apostle.  He said, “What if Aglow worldwide could receive a commission from the current apostolic leadership in the city of Jerusalem in keeping with Acts 1:8 of being sent out from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth?”

As Joy Dawsen would say, “My eyes were out like organ stops!”

He said, “It would be the same Aglow, the same vision, the same fire, but all of a sudden you would be positioned differently in the Spirit. You would have a new power; you would have a new anointing because you would represent what is been reestablished after 2,000 years in the city of Jerusalem.”  He said, “It is a spiritual alignment that will release further the Last Day anointing to accomplish what was on His heart from the beginning.”  Are you getting this? 

Wait!  Be baptized with the Holy Spirit, be sent forth, My name, My power, My authority, My anointing, and go to the ends of the earth.

I believe we are arising in a new identity, and a new power.  Something has been transforming us in our midst, and it is the truth that Jesus came to bring.

I believe we are about releasing the feet of people in the earth.  As we stepped forward that evening with Asher, we stepped into a new place in agreement with these scriptures in Acts 1 and 2 that we would be a people, that Aglow International which is already in 170 nations of the world, that we would align with those scriptures, and be sent forth from the city of Jerusalem, being sent out from Jewish believers, apostolic leadership, in the city of Jerusalem and go to the ends of the earth.

It is a spiritual alignment that I believe will propel us forward into the nations.

“Don't Forget the Rest!”

A few months ago I saw Loren Cunningham.  We had a brief conversation, and he wanted to know how many nations Aglow was in at this point and you know WYWAM is just everywhere in the earth.  I believe they are in every nation.  He said, “How many nations is Aglow in at this point?”  I told him, and with a lovely grin he said, “Do not forget the rest!”

So I am saying to you, today, “Do not forget the rest.”  We are going for every single nation in the earth.

I am telling you, this thing about fresh bread - He has visited us with bread again, and we are being sent forth anew.

I mentioned the Old Testament, and now I’m talking about the New Testament.  You link those together and you realize the Genesis scripture is being fulfilled in the New Testament in our present day world as we walk together male and female.  It is the beginning of the fulfillment of those scriptures in Genesis.  We are going together as men and women to the ends of the earth to win the nations for the Lord.

God Will Soften and Sweeten Our Ground

A closing thought. At Glory of Zion the Head of the Year Conference, an apostle from Nigeria came to give a word to me, but when I hear words, I do not take them just for myself, I understand that the word is for Aglow.

He said, “Wherever you enter,” now take this for yourself, “wherever you enter, wherever the soles of your feet will stop upon, I will soften the ground, I will open up that place, and I will release the anointing of honey upon that place. I will sweeten the ground because of you, and I will bring healing to a whole generation.”

“I saw nations rising up, nations of people with their hands lifted up and because of that which had been transferred into their life through the words that you would speak.  It is like breath came into them and they began to manifest different colors, different manifestations of glory.  And I hear the Lord saying, ‘Take this for yourself, a new fire will be kindled, and a new Heaven will open over the earth, and I will release incense, a new place in My Presence.’” 

He began to pray that every ancient throne in every nation that stands against the Word of the Lord would begin to bow their knee and humble themselves before Almighty God.

I AM The Bread of Life

Closing scripture – Jesus said, “I AM the bread of life.  He who comes to Me will never hunger.  If anyone, if anyone eats of this bread he will live forever, and the bread that I give is My flesh which I give for the life of the world.”  We have been given fresh bread for a purpose.  It is not just to make us feel better about ourselves, but God is unfolding His mighty purpose and plan in the earth.  It is male and female together going forth to the nations of the world in a great evangelistic thrust, and that is my expression to you today. 

We are going to the ends of the earth.  Do not be stopped. Do not be hindered. Do not be intimidated. Begin to move in the fullness of your identity in Christ, and Christ in you because He is sending you as bread, as carriers of His Presence.

Will you stand with me in closing? 

Lord, we are humbled and we are motivated.  You have called us, male and female.  It is the structure You have chosen to reveal Yourself and make Yourself known in the earth.  You have called us for such a time as this, to go to the ends of the earth and spread the name of Jesus everywhere in the power of the Holy Spirit; to see miracles and breakthrough and fetters broken; people brought out of bondage.  Breathe life into them and see dead bones come alive.  We are going. We are going. We are going in His name!

Word From Glenda Fleming (South Regional Director and IBOD Member)

The Lord has asked me to paint a prophetic picture for you that confirms all of Jane’s words.  Weeks before the conference as the Lord and I began to have conversation together concerning the conference, I said, “God, what is this conference really about, what is the main thing?”  And I heard Him laugh, and He said, “I am glad you asked.”  He said, “Watch.”

I began to see a picture of the Lord at a counter in the kitchen, a huge kitchen, and He was making bread.  I could see the hands of the Lord beginning to knead the dough very powerfully.   The Lord said, “This is a picture I want Aglow to get of itself and then correctly frame it - that to make bread you have to start with good starter, good yeast.”

The Lord said, “Make no mistake. I was the starter. I was the yeast.  It was My very own seed that started this bread.  I have kneaded it, sometimes gently, sometimes with a strong hand, but I have kneaded it, and kneaded it, and kneaded it.  Because inside that bread it was necessary that My very DNA was kneaded into it, that My very character, that My very fruit was inside that bread, so I have kneaded.” 

“In the last few years there has been stronger kneading as I have sent precious fruits that you did not have.  And I began to knead them into the dough.  I have sent prophets with strong prophetic words that had to be kneaded before you could rise.  I have sent teachers with truth, and I kneaded that precious truth of the end times, and the prophetic words of the end times have been carefully kneaded into your very bread.” 

“Then I stood back and I said, ‘Yes, it is time for their rising.’  I began to speak of individuals rising, and of the corporate body of Aglow rising, and of nations rising in the earth with My bread, My DNA.  But now My voice tells you that the first batch is ready to be baked.  And in that baking is fire.”

“I am going to release upon this ministry, upon My bread a new fire of God that is going to sweep the nations of the earth with My Spirit, with new fresh fire.  You that are here are the first fruits of the bread.” 

“I said to My disciples of old when a crowd gathered, ‘you feed them’, and they looked in amazement.  But I say to you, ‘you feed them’.  And there is no question, because I have made you the finest bread in the earth.”   “Aglow has always been a house of bread, but now it is a house of fresh bread, fresh bread.   You do not have to tell anybody that it is there, because My Spirit is going ahead of you into the nations.  There is a cry going out, “Fresh bread!  Fresh bread! Fresh bread!” And the bees are amassing for many reasons, but one of them is for honey on the bread.”

Raise your hands to Heaven, because God is releasing fresh fire as you are finished baking over the process of this conference.  Aglow has always been a house of bread in My heart.  But you are fully commissioned and released.  Go and feed the nations fresh bread.