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Jane Hansen Hoyt


Stand Amazed

Are you amazed at what God has entrusted into our hands, and what He has wrought in the earth through this Global Awakening of women and men.  Are you amazed?  It is women and men who are arising in their identity.  It is women and men who carry a breakthrough sound just as you saw.  It is women and men who have allowed God’s truth to be so worked into their life that they are becoming bread and light in the nations of the world.  That is you I am talking about.  

Our Persona

As you just saw in the video (Aglow 45 year DVD), I am picking out some of the phrases you just saw in that wonderful video.  You carry a persona as a company.  It is important that we feel the weight of what God has entrusted to us.  It is not a heavy burden, but there is a sense of weightiness to the anointing of God upon us, to stay focused on what He is saying to us, and what He wants to bring forth in the earth through this particular ministry.  You are a company of warriors and champions, a company of Marys, a radiant group of encouragers who continually speak of how great our God is, of who God is, and who He is for us, and in us.  You are carrying something powerful in the earth, and His name is Jesus.

I think about the dynamic group of people that you are.  We will have leaders from 104 nations of the world at this conference, leaders from 104 nations that represent 170 nations.  But as Jervae and I were talking recently, I said, “Jervae, let’s just look at how far reaching Aglow has been at least to our simple knowledge.  It appears that Aglow has reached into 192 nations over a period of time.  It is amazing when you think of the fact that there are 225 nations and to think that Aglow men and women have reached into 192 of those nations and currently are affiliated in 170.  Don’t you find this to be incredible?

The Global Importance of Aglow Leaders

Recently Jervae and I had a conversation and we were talking about how vital your leadership is in the world.  You know how you get stirred when you are talking to a sister or brother.  “Do you think they really know how vital their leadership is, and how important they are?”  You know we can all grow weary from time to time, or discouraged.  The enemy loves to feed into that, doesn’t he?  He brings his thoughts and his lies, and you think, “Well, who am I?  And, what do I have to bring?” Then we look at maybe a discouraging point here or there.  Be aware when those thoughts come.  That is the kingdom of darkness talking to you.  Anything negative that is coming to your thought process is not from Heaven.  There is no negativity in Heaven.  There is no negativity in Heaven!   Negativity brings darkness.  It brings discouraging dark thoughts to us.  Jesus bore all negativity in His body and He took it to Calvary so we could be free.  So let me just say to you again today, “Your leadership in the nations of the world is vital.  It is through you that God is bringing forth this magnificent work of Heaven in the earth.  You are touching the nations of the world with the Kingdom of Heaven!”  Give yourselves a hand!

You know, down through the ages God has raised up a people group at particular periods of time.  He has raised up leaders.  He has raised up apostles and prophets to carry the work of His Kingdom in that particular point in history.  You are those people in this period of time in history.  You are it!  That is not to be taken lightly!  I feel like a cheerleader up here.  I am!  I am cheering you on!  You are a great company of men and women! 

Understanding and Interpreting Correctly

Recently I was reading in Graham’s book Brilliant Perspectives.  Here’s a statement, “The enemy is destined to misinterpret or misunderstand God’s ultimate purpose.”  Did you get that?  He is destined to misinterpret or misunderstand God’s ultimate purpose. Because he is blind, he tries to blind us.  Because he is confused, he tries to confuse us. Because he misinterprets, he tries to cause a misinterpretation within our own spirits of things that are happening around us.   We are a people group that needs to stay so focused on Heaven, and what Heaven is saying to us in this hour.  We are never blinded, we are never confused, we are not misinterpreting.  We are a people on a mission.   We know where we are going.  We know what we have to say, and we are moving forward with that message.

So when it comes to yourself, as a believer, do not let the enemy misinterpret anything to you.  Keep him at you back, and keep Heaven before you.  Do not let belittling thoughts come.  Do not let misinterpretation come about relationships.  Do not let negative conversations seep into your spirit.  “Well people are talking….do you know what is being said?”  No I do not, but I know who I am, and I know where I am going.  I am following the Holy Spirit, and I know God is leading us forward in a straight line.

Carriers of His Presence

Aglow has been in a season of change, just as the world around us has been in a season of change.  Part of the word in 2008 was, and you have heard me say this before, “I am not giving you a vision for the functionality of ministry.”  Too often we can just be about function.  Just tell me what I need to do, give me the rules and the guidelines.  We need those things, do we not?  But function is not your greatest mission and goal in life. It is not your greatest mission in this ministry.  I have already shared this in a couple of places, and I had not intended to share it today, but for those of you who heard it before, just listen again.

We were made in the image of God, and everything that comes to us is to conform us in a deeper way, in a grander way, into the image of God.  Your greatest mission in life is to bring His Presence wherever God has placed you.  You are a carrier of His Presence.  When you teach and when you speak, don’t make it all about function.  Make it about relationship, and make it about His presence.  Teach, and speak, and act, and be one that brings His Presence wherever you go.   His Presence is what people will remember. 

They can look at a piece of paper and see what the function is about, but the real game changer, the real life changer is about His Presence.  When you walk into a room, and when you stand before people, it is His Presence. It is the bread of life that people are so hungry for.  You have the opportunity, the God-given opportunity as leaders in this ministry, men and women alike, to be one that not only bears His image, but be one who bears His Presence and brings His Presence into a meeting.

So the word in 2008 was, “I am not giving you a vision for the functionality of ministry, I am giving you Myself. I am going to give you a vision of Myself, an experience that will wreck your world.”

That was 2008.  Here we are in 2013, almost to enter 2014, and according to the Hebrew calendar we have entered the new year.  When you think about the fact that in 2008 God said, “I am giving you something fresh and new that is going to change your world. It is going to change your life. I believe that personally, and we as a ministry have been in process since that word came forth.  Our ministry has changed, our vision statement, mission statement, and our core values.   The Lord has been shifting and changing since 2008.  The greatest change, and the greatest gift that has come to us is the fresh sense of His Presence, a fresh anointing with a quickening Spirit.  Do you feel it where you are?  Do you hear it, do you see it, and are you expressing it as one who carries His Presence?  I know that you are. 

New Levels in Your Relationship With Him

Here is another Graham quote, “God will not commit you to a new level of anointing and gifting without first taking you to a new level in your relationship with Him.”  That is what this journey has been about.  He will not take you to a new level of anointing and gifting unless the foundational aspect of the relationship has also come to a new level, because that is what you stand on.

The word went on, “Do not pray for breakthrough, pray for yourself.”  This was back in 2008.  “I want you to see something new about Me.  I want you to catch hold of Me in a fresh new way.  This is a time of desire and conception, a yearning for something more about Jesus.”  Well that is exactly what has been happening in Aglow. In this tremendous journey, in this time of transition we have come into a new place with Jesus.  Have you?  Do you sense it?  Do you feel it? 

Our identity has been upgraded, and identity is the key to transformation.  Identity is understanding the abundance of what you have received in Christ Jesus, your placement in Christ, and Christ’s placement in you.  It is understanding the fullness of that life within us.  And that is our greatest role as leaders in Aglow, to teach, to lead, to demonstrate the fullness of Jesus, and to bring His Presence.

A closing thought.  Preoccupation with ourselves, or our inadequacies must give way to a revelation of God as the Great I Am.  It is that greater revelation of Him that takes us out of ourselves, and our preoccupation with ourselves.  Jesus did not say, “I will be with you always.”  He said, “I Am with you always.”  That speaks of a Presence that is never, never, withdrawn.  It does not speak of a space of time. He is not saying, “I will be…”  He is saying, “I Am.  I Am with you always.”  So it speaks of a Presence never withdrawn.  It speaks of a love that is constant.  It speaks of a nearness always that brings comfort and peace, assurance, and abundance.  It is about His Presence.

I Will Sweeten and Soften Your Ground

Recently, at Chuck Pierce’s Head of the Year Conference, at the end of my speaking slot some people came forward to give me a word.  I always know the word is for the ministry.  It is not a personal word.  I am included in it, but it is a word for the ministry.  To just condense a couple of thoughts out of several words that were spoken, this gentlemen said, “I will sweeten the ground wherever your feet set upon. I will sweeten and soften that ground.”  That is what the Lord is saying to you today.  Wherever in the world God has placed you, He is saying wherever your feet move in that land, wherever you plant your feet through your prayer life, wherever your heart begins to move through that nation, every place that your foot sets upon, I will sweeten that ground, I will soften that ground.  I will begin to loosen the feet of people that are caught, that are bound. 

We are living in a magnificent hour, and I believe the Holy Spirit is moving in a powerful way, in a greater way than we have ever seen.  It is why He said, “I am coming to give you Myself.”   Yes, you will know about function, but once you have gotten ahold of Me in a new way, your feet are going to be as though they have been bathed in butter and honey.  Every place you plant the sole of your foot, and as you arise in the new identity, in the identity I have always purposed for you, I give you the land.  The lens of your eyes has been shifting and changing, and you are able to see in a way you were never able to see.  As you arise globally you are coming into a new place, and a new anointing and a new authority.  The ground under your feet is changing.  You can count on it.  God has spoken it.

Closing Prayer

Just stand to your feet.  Lift your hands towards Heaven.  Breathe Him in.  Breathe in the Holy Spirit.  Breathe in freshness and newness.  Lord, as we stand here this afternoon, as You look down upon these men and women, leaders in the nations of the world, I see Your smile, I see Your appreciation.  I see Your radiant love poured out towards them.  I see Your hand of comfort and love and nearness extended to us.  I hear Jesus saying to the Father, “There they are.  There they are!” 

Holy Spirit, pour out anointing, and richness, and depth and Presence upon us as we are gathered here in these next few days, begin to put Your seal upon the things that You have been doing in our lives.  I ask that any preoccupation with self will be so exchanged, a diving exchange with Heaven that forever seals our identity in our minds, our hearts, and our spirits.  Change the lens of our eyes that we forever see the greatness of the One who dwells within us, and we forever forget about ourselves.  We present ourselves to you as a company, a company of leaders, a company of men and women whose heart is to please You, to walk with You, and to present Your Presence to the nations of the world.  And everyone said, “Amen!”