What an awesome gathering of World Changers - World Changers who are arising globally, World Changers who are radiant with the love and the life of Jesus. You have heard it said already this morning that Aglow is a transformational Kingdom culture whose mindsets are not of this world. We are people who live Heaven to earth and we are bringing Heaven to earth.

We are World Changers! We are Game Changers! We are a global organization of some 200,000 warriors and champions. We touch some 17 million people in the earth annually. We have a 46 year history of evangelism, discipleship, leadership and leadership training. 46 years! And we do that with the support of some 20,000 indigenous leaders throughout the world. What a unique organization. What a unique work of the Spirit has taken place in this ministry and through this ministry. Give yourselves a hand.

Are you amazed at what God has entrusted into our hands, and what He has wrought in the earth through this Global Awakening of women and men.  Are you amazed?  It is women and men who are arising in their identity.  It is women and men who carry a breakthrough sound just as you saw.  It is women and men who have allowed God’s truth to be so worked into their life that they are becoming bread and light in the nations of the world.  That is you I am talking about.

As you just saw in the video (Aglow 45 year DVD), I am picking out some of the phrases you just saw in that wonderful video.  You carry a persona as a company.  It is important that we feel the weight of what God has entrusted to us.  It is not a heavy burden, but there is a sense of weightiness to the anointing of God upon us, to stay focused on what He is saying to us, and what He wants to bring forth in the earth through this particular ministry.  You are a company of warriors and champions, a company of Marys, a radiant group of encouragers who continually speak of how great our God is, of who God is, and who He is for us, and in us.  You are carrying something powerful in the earth, and His name is Jesus.

We are not leaving here the same as we came. Those are not just words. We are not the same ministry that we were, because we have given Him all of our excuses. There are no more excuses.  God has been telling us how we are known in Heaven. He has been speaking this into us in various forms for about 8 years.

In 2004, Graham was at that conference and he spoke a word about the fact that acceleration is on this ministry.  He has been with us for successive years and the whole panorama that he has been bringing us has been building layer upon layer, precept upon precept, until we stand in this place today a far different people than we were even 8 years ago.