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Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

Urgent Prayer Needed for our Aglow family in Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh

The tiny nations of Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh (also known as Artsakh) have been part of the Aglow family for many years. As Christian nations surrounded by Muslim nations, including Turkey and Azerbaijan, God has kept them in the palm of His hand even amidst numerous attacks over the years. Today they need our prayers of intercession as they again face this most current war taking place right now. Ruth and Ruzanna, our Aglow national leaders in Armenia, own a house in Yerevan, Armenia that is used for their Aglow meetings and ministry. This is the house that is referred to below, that is now sheltering women and children who have escaped from the danger zone. Let us pray as Ruth requests below, for “a divine solution to this conflict.”

This letter was received from our Aglow sisters in Armenia on Wednesday, September 30, 2020:

Dear Ones,

I have been wanting to write to you all so you will know how to pray for our nation which has been in full-blown war since this past Sunday morning when Azerbaijani forces, allied with Turkey, opened fire on peaceful civilians in Stepanakert, Artsakh (the capital city of Nagorno Karabagh). Since then we have been very busy as we opened our home to women and children escaping from the danger zone. We now have four women and ten children living with us. Others have also opened their homes. Hotels have been taking in refugees from Artsakh as well. The Armenian people in the Diaspora and Armenia have mobilized and completely united to help our people and save our ancestral lands. My daughter Christina has been very active on social media and the following is one of her posts which I believe is very much reflective of how the Armenian people feel about the international response, and lack thereof in general.

“We are survivors and in full survival and We are not little kids that we should be told by other countries to "behave" and stop the "clashes," as if both sides are equally guilty of starting this war. When will they wake up and realize how RIDICULOUS it is to think that Armenia, a country of less than 3 million, would start an open war with two countries with a combined population of 90 million that are dead-serious about wanting us eradicated!? We are brave. We will fight. Even till death in order to save our homeland and ensure our existence. ENOUGH of the world turning a blind eye, ENOUGH of them being the ones to dictate our moves. We have wanted a "peaceful" solution, as they so "wisely" suggest, but there doesn't seem to be one! The other side will not rest until their hatred has been appeased! You want us to just give up and let them take over for the sake of "peace"? You think we haven't wanted peace for all this time? Only we know our pain. Only we know what's at stake. Only we know the truth of what's going on. Even if we are alone, we will continue to fight as long as necessary to save what is ours. No one has the right to tell us what to do if they're not brave or decent enough to call out what's happening by its true name. #StopAzerbejaniAggression #ArtsakhStrong #ArtsakhIsArmenia #StandWithArmenia”

Turkey and Azerbaijan have been very active on social media and also waging a media war against us by spreading lies and misinformation. They have perfected this art for many decades. The young generation of Armenians have been active and trying to spread information from this end and trying to bring balance.

We, Armenians, are all united as one and we know that what we have to say is from the side of love, truth and justice. Our people are not against Turks or Azeris and we pray for their salvation and good and we don’t want one mother to cry over the loss of their son, whether Armenian or Azeri. But we also want and have been praying for a divine solution to this ongoing conflict when even in times of “cease-fire”, we have violations and our young soldiers killed by clashes and sniper attacks on our borders. We must end this and it is up to us. And there is great determination and hope among our people that this is the time.

Please stand with us with your prayers to bring the will of God and His Kingdom into this situation and on our borders. We believe that God is the one who has decided our borders and it will be according to His Plan and this is what we are waiting and believing for (Acts 17:26).

Thank you and God bless you for always being one with us.

In His love,

Ruth, on behalf of all the praying women of Aglow in Armenia and all the Armenian people

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