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Aglow Canada Jubilee Celebration

This year Aglow Canada celebrated their 50th year anniversary in Regina, Saskatchewan. It has been five decades of remarkable impact where the Holy Spirit has touched the lives of countless people across our nation. Aglow Canada has been a place where God saved many of us at the altar, healed us, set us free, fulfilled prophesies and called us to dream dreams that are now realities.

His Presence was palpable among us, as Stephanie Mainville and Godfrey Birtill individually released their unique sound of Heaven. Every session was a glorious moment of seeing men and women who love God’s Presence, being interwoven with the Lord as they expressed their passion with dance, tears or outbursts of joy from deep within.

When we opened and commemorated this momentous event we honored the faithful pioneers who blazed a trail in many of our communities across Canada, leaders who were obedient to the call of the Lord, and fulfilled the assignments given to them for the epoch and the time they were in.

Upgraded Identity

This gathering was not just a monumental occasion, but also a defining moment for us. While every guest speaker presented a pinnacle of God’s apostolic movement on the earth, there was a building and sense of corporate alignment where the Holy Spirit knitted our hearts together and instilled a shared Kingdom purpose towards our future.

During the opening night Jane Hansen Hoyt said, “God’s hand has not lifted from this ministry, it has a future, and it has a purpose... Even though we have walked fifty years, we’ve seen His faithfulness and walked in the light that He’s given us. There is still a hunger among us to hear His voice, follow His leading, to be alive with His Spirit, and to be that light in the earth to which others are drawn. And it doesn’t come from flesh or programs, it doesn’t come from neat little meetings, it comes from the power of the living God."

We are living in different times, difficult days, and many ways I would say we are living in a culminating time. Chuck Pierce said, “God is watching. He is watching how you transition into your new place, Aglow” Aglow is made up of individuals. God is watching how you are transitioning into your new identity, an upgraded identity, and a new place in Him”.


We began to emerge into that new place through GameChangers and Life Changers. These are teaching tools God uses to fundamentally bring change; they have a transformative effect on our perceptions and behaviors. There are moments in the history of any movement when a corner is turned and the reality is not then and there, but a time where a new place in Him takes us to the higher ground of purpose. This was truly evident throughout this conference.

I respect this incredible responsibility God has placed on our shoulders We have quite a work ahead of us and it remains in us to see Aglow fulfill its destiny throughout our nation once again. The only way that His will for us comes to pass is if Aglow has leaders who walk in their new identity and know how to impart it to others. Our flesh and our ways of thinking will be challenged. Our prototypes and culture will be challenged but one thing is certain... it will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Be inspired to press on and the Lord will continue to raise you up so that you can stand as Christ in this world and bring about the kind of change that will usher this End Times Ecclesia into the fullness that God has for her!