Aglow Canada Apostolic/Prophetic Outreaches

“We are in a season of advancing even before we understand. It is a season of faith and obedience before reasoning with our mind," writes the Aglow Canada outreach team.

We recently received a report from Darlene Smith, Aglow Canada National Outreach Coordinator, about her quick obedience to God’s instructions.

Aglow Canada Jubilee Celebration

This year Aglow Canada celebrated their 50th year anniversary in Regina, Saskatchewan. It has been five decades of remarkable impact where the Holy Spirit has touched the lives of countless people across our nation. Aglow Canada has been a place where God saved many of us at the altar, healed us, set us free, fulfilled prophesies and called us to dream dreams that are now realities.

His Presence was palpable among us, as Stephanie Mainville and Godfrey Birtill individually released their unique sound of Heaven. Every session was a glorious moment of seeing men and women who love God’s Presence, being interwoven with the Lord as they expressed their passion with dance, tears or outbursts of joy from deep within.

When we opened and commemorated this momentous event we honored the faithful pioneers who blazed a trail in many of our communities across Canada, leaders who were obedient to the call of the Lord, and fulfilled the assignments given to them for the epoch and the time they were