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Full Circle... Higher Level

Jane videoTo watch video, click on play buttonSince our 50th Anniversary gathering in 2017, God has spoken to us in powerful ways, confirming a bright future. As I consider His promises to us, I want to remind you of a very powerful word that was spoken through Dutch Sheets at our 2018 U.S. National Conference about the hovering of the Holy Spirit.

Dutch said:

“This ministry is about to come into a greater anointing to birth. To give birth to the purposes of God in the earth.”

“The Holy Spirit is going to come and hover with His glory around you. He is going to hover, He is going to overshadow you, He is going to envelop you. He will plant the seed of the Son of God in you.”

“Luke 1:37 says, ‘For no word spoken by God is without power.’ I am saying to you what the angel said in Luke, ‘Holy Spirit is empowering those words and putting life in them and they will bring forth.’”

“The seed of My Word has life in it and when My Words are sown, they have the ability to reproduce. When My Word goes forth, Holy Spirit hovers around or releases His power with My Word and the two come together and now they are not just words they are life-words that begin to spring up and reproduce.”

Our Best Days Are Ahead

He went on to say:

“Aglow has been set apart for a new season with new boundaries. The sound has shifted. It is a sound that prepares you for who you are becoming. YOU HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE AND ARE AT A HIGHER LEVEL. Everything that has been done in the past is coming again but at a higher level.

Signs and wonders, deliverances, taking nations, dethroning principalities and powers. The best days in Aglow are not behind you! They are ahead of you!”

As Holy Spirit hovers and is present and overshadowing the ministry of Aglow International, I believe it is time for new provision to come in. This is not a desperate plea. I believe it is the right time to sow into the newness of what God is doing!

Calling Us Up

God is calling us to come up, to partner with Him at a new level in believing what He has spoken over us; to step into places of leadership, places of participation, new places of faith; and to step into a new level in our giving…it is time.

He is saying, “Let’s cause this ministry to rise!” As you sow, as you plant new seed, you’re sowing into the water level, the anointing level, the freshness of the Holy Spirit to come forth in Aglow at this time throughout the nations.

To give, click below on the link to our secure online form or mail your check to, Aglow International, P.O. Box 1749, Edmonds, WA 09020, USA.

We are in this together as we rise to a new level of expectation in all things. I’ll keep you posted on the new provision coming in.

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Jane Hansen Hoyt
Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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