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I often think of the passage of scripture in Luke 1 where Gabriel appeared in Nazareth to Mary. “Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!” Scripture goes on to say that Mary was troubled at Gabriel’s words and wondered what manner of greeting it was.

I can say that as the Lord began to speak through our conference speakers, I found myself in a similar place wondering how could this favor be? This re-mantling, this recommissioning, this declaration of being sent to the world afresh as a leading voice in the coming Third Great Awakening? I simply say yes.

New Beginnings

In response to the instruction given through Barbara Yoder to gather in 30-60 days with a map of the world, I gathered a group of 7 to look with new eyes, new expectation, and a heart to follow where God would lead us. One of the hallmarks of the year 5777 was a finishing anointing to finish well. I can say with great confidence and humility to you, “Aglow, you finished your first 50 years with excellence! And because you are highly favored of the Lord, you are pregnant with the next 50 years!”

One of the hallmarks of the year 5778 is new beginnings.

You will remember Chuck Pierce saying to us, “We are not just looking for new beginnings, we are the new beginning! This new has to be demonstrated and worked out and come forth throughout the year.” He also said, “What I admire about Aglow International is that they are moving in God’s time.” That is an incredible statement to me and one of the motivations to move quickly to gather key leaders to seek His strategies for the future. God is watching our response. I trust that you have gathered in your nation to ponder each message you heard in Richmond. It is no longer business as usual.

Giant-Killing Organization

While our thoughts and conclusions will be passed before the International Board of Directors for their approval, I can say to you that we are looking at gates and doors in 2018 in key nations and cities to establish the Lord’s Supremacy over all things. For too long principalities and powers have created chaos for the world and the Lord is sending us in to occupy through air supremacy. I can still hear Dutch Sheets words as he said, “You have air supremacy! Now go deal with the enemy and relentlessly drop bombs from the Heavenlies on him until he is no longer able to resist you…..You are a giant-killing organization.”

You have heard me quote from Genesis 3:15 many times. It is the promise to woman that all down through time, we will expose the deceitful ways of the enemy and stop his every move. This truth has not diminished; it grows in strength. This is the right time for the Aglow army – women and men - to move out and possess the gates in nations and cities around the world. I’ll be sending you the details that surround some of the nations and key cities soon. For now, we will celebrate Christmas and move into the New Year.

Prophectic Statements

I want to keep the powerful, prophetic statements made to us in Richmond ever before you. Let these statements burn in your heart each day.

  • God has repositioned you and you have now entered into a place you have never been before. Pathways are opened to nations, to neighborhoods and the greatest global encounter we have ever seen is ready to unfold.
  • You are going to reach down and grab entire tribes and people groups around the world and pull them through the right-time window. The gate is open to you.
  • You are going to tap into your history, but you are going to move into your tomorrow.
  • You are going to model what it means to move in Kingly intercession where you not only petition upward, you decree downward. You not only ask the Father to do it, you command for the Father and the Son that it be done.
  • You will model how to destroy strongholds.
  • Signs and wonders will be part of this movement.
  • God has released apostolic authority over your life, over the nations, over every national leader, over every National Board with a new authority to bring Heaven to earth.
  • You are called to save the cities and nations of the earth through Kingly intercession.
  • A new scepter of royal, Kingly authority has been put in your hand.
  • You are mantled with Glory that shall blind powers and principalities and shall shift the minds of people.

As we move into all God has ordained for us, it is important that we are in alignment. As Graham Cooke said, “People in alignment will surpass those who are out of focus.” Set your heart as we move out as ONE in the nations. No agendas but His. I look forward to unfolding our global strategies beginning in January. Stay focused and be ready.

May you know His wonderful peace and joy as you celebrate this joyous Christmas season with family and friends.


Jane Hansen Hoyt
Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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