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Kitten looking into a mirror seeing a lion reflectionDiane Fink, Aglow Institute of Ministry Director, has the privilege and honor of walking along side men and women as they grow in their identity in Christ.  In an email Diane shared with the Headquarters staff, she wrote, “I just finished reading a student’s written assignment for the True Identity AIM Class and was blessed by her entire paper. But the one statement that really struck me was related to a picture I have in the class of a kitten looking into a mirror and seeing a lion looking back at it."

Here’s what the student from Australia said,

"The picture of the tiny kitten looking into the mirror and seeing the reflection of a very large, majestic lion staring back became a focal point of the course for me.  By the end of the class, I could visualize myself looking into the mirror and seeing the reflection of The Beloved, Bride of Christ, looking radiant, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her Bridegroom.”

The AIM student continued…“At our February Aglow meeting our lovely new President, Candice, shared with us some of the highlights of a recent President’s Summit.  She started with a description of all the Australian Presidents walking into the auditorium and seeing the large picture of a kitten looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of a Lion!  I was so excited!  It was another way in which the theme of the course appears to be everywhere I look, and in all I read and see.”

Diane writes, “I love her statement because it sums up what all the teachings about identity are supposed to do - allow us to see ourselves as who we really are in Him, His Beloved.”

As our identity grows, so does our destiny and our inheritance, and with it, God’s provision for the season we are in. Your identity releases the next level of permission…When your identity lines up with God’s view of you, you come into the fullness of your usefulness in the kingdom. You defeat the enemy out of your own identity. - Graham Cooke