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We started the day going up on the Temple Mount with over 200 intercessors who quietly went in unity and declared the promises of God in prayer for guidance. Then we went to the Western Wall, as some call The Wailing Wall. The presence of the Holy Spirit and the joy of Aglow men and women of God was fabulous. – Edda Swan

Also on the final day of the journey the group went to Bethlehem and visited the Church of the Nativity, the Shepherd’s Field, and Boaz’s Field.

Temple MountTemple Mount

Western WallWestern Wall

Today we leave Jerusalem and begin our journey home. We leave with hearts overflowing as we have traveled the land, participated in strategic prayer and gained increased depth of revelation of the plan and purposes of God. We have shared with Messianic believers, toured, and set our feet with butter and honey to soften the ground for all who walk this land. – Kerry Ellen Logan