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India teamGod is on the move in Asia!  Merina Netto, Aglow India National President, has been experiencing great favor as she recently traveled to Chennai, Sri Lanka, and the Quilon Kerala State to share the 'Game Changer' messages. 

Whether small meetings or large gatherings, such as the Aglow Sri Lanka National Conference, Merina taught leaders and participants about their true identity in Christ.  All received fresh impartation and understanding.  They went home filled with the “good news” that God has even greater plans and purposes for their lives both individually and corporately.

There was a new excitement spreading among the people and a passion to share the message with others in the body of Christ and in their realm of influence.


Merina writes, In Chennai 12 Leaders gathered for two days.  We were blessed to receive the room for 500 Rupees less than expected.  Praise God for favor.   Merina and Jason, a pastor who is fully involved in the work of Aglow and assists Merina, shared in teaching 5 sessions for the leaders.

Merina continues, I began by giving them an introduction on what we mean by ‘Game Changer’, and sharing Jane's comments.  There was a lot of interaction and participation among the ladies, which helped them digest the material.  One of the Ladies even asked me if she could share the same with her church, and I was happy to say ‘yes’ to her.  On the final day I gave them the transcripts so they can better study and teach.  I was really satisfied with the sessions.  It was an exciting time in the Lord.

India leadersSri Lanka

The conference was well attended.  Several of the speakers boldly touched on the subject of Identity.  One of the speakers spoke and prayed with the faithful ladies on the Board, then encouraged them to take up the mantle.

One of the days was given to me to teach on Game Changers. I am grateful for the faithfulness of the Lord to preach through me, thanks to all the teachings we receive through Aglow.  The leaders listened attentively and enjoyed the teachings.  They were interested, asked good questions, and will teach their groups in turn.

Quilon Kerala State

I had two good meetings in the Quilon Kerala state where Joseph, one of our Advisors who had left India for the past few years, has now returned and is reviving Aglow.  After he arranged two meetings, I called Roselyn, our leader who focuses on the Islam Mandate, to also come in to teach.  Shortly before the first gathering, one of the political leaders was killed. 

The whole state was shut down, so the meeting was postponed for the next day.  On the morning of the meeting it rained heavily, but thankfully lessened by the time for the meeting.  In spite of all these difficulties around 50 men and women came.  After I shared about Aglow, Roselyn spoke of her work.  We had a good meeting by the Holy Spirit doing His work through us. Praise God.

Note: In the summer of 2013, Jane Hansen Hoyt and Graham Cooke rolled out a pilot program for personal development called 21st Century GameChangers.  The initial program began in the United States, including the National Aglow Team of Canada, and was so successful that Graham and Jane brought the messages to the European Regional Conference in January 2014.  Since then other Regional Committees have picked up the program with teachings going forth in Central America with Mexico and Panama.  There are plans for the program to be presented at the Asian, South American and African Regional Conferences.  Look for these life changing truths in your nations!