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Aglow India Kalimpong Area“Aglow is moving, and we are getting reports that God is working among the women,” writes Rebecca Karthak, Aglow India Kalimpong Area. “Last month we prayed for a number of sick people and now we have come to know that God healed all the sick people! Praise God!”
“Local churches are inviting Aglow to come and teach, so we are preparing ourselves.  We recently spoke at the Namchi Prayer Tower Women’s Blessing Meeting.  Around five hundred women from different churches were present."

"Everybody was filled with the Holy Spirit.  God healed and delivered people from different sicknesses and bondages. Some of them who were possessed by demonic power were also delivered. Once again we thank you very much for your precious prayer.”

As a Kingdom Community, Aglow International is absolutely committed to the Core Value of God’s Kingdom - Expressing the nature of God through reconciliation to the world He loves.

Aglow India Kalimpong Area