Map of NigeriaIn His intentionality, God has strategically placed Aglow throughout the earth “for such a time as this”.  Many of our Aglow leaders and members face the reality of terrorism on a daily basis. 

In an email to the Headquarters Office our leader in Nigeria expounded on the situation in her nation and requested prayer.  Let’s stand together asking God for protection and for signs in the earth based on our declarations.

Our Nigerian leader writes, The situation is really bad. The terrorists have expanded their scope of operation including several incursions into Cameroon where they recently abducted over 80 people, mostly women and children. 

In Nigeria they have been using little 10 year old girls to carry bombs strapped to their bodies which they detonate by remote control.

Our activities have been hampered severely especially in the Northeast and a large area of the north of the country, including Jos. I am communicate with leaders as frequently as possible to get feedback from them to find out how they are doing.  We pray for God's continuous protection.

May He utterly destroy the works of Satan in our land.