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LifeChangersCindy Hart, VP of Public Relations on the Milwaukee (Genesis) WI Community Lighthouse, recently completed the LifeChangers course. She had taken GameChangers two years earlier. 

Cindy said, “Two years ago I went through GameChangers which was revolutionary to me as I saw how I needed to change my mindsets. I went on to co-lead a GameChangers class last year and was in awe of how I saw the truths open the eyes and hearts of the women who took it. This year I went through LifeChangers for the first time which was, to me, an extension of GameChangers, reiterating the importance of abiding in Christ in every single area by walking in a new mindset that God does not see anything wrong with us, but He gives us every situation, problem, challenge and trial as an opportunity for upgrading our thinking as He pulls us upward from glory to glory, transforming us into the image of His Son.”

She continued, “I now see myself applying the principles to situations that arise with people that, in the past, I would have become impatient, angry, or short-tempered with, or maybe judged them with my words either to their face or in talking to others. I am now applying the Fruits of the Spirit - kindness, patience, long-suffering, peace, love, and gentleness and I LIKE MYSELF a whole lot better! Holy Spirit is giving me opportunities every day to practice and walk IN IT until it becomes second nature. I find myself stopping and reminding myself at times, ‘Wait that is old man thinking! I need to think like God sees me, like Heaven sees me, and switch that to ‘new creation in Christ’ thinking.”

Some have taken these courses and checked them off their to-do list, but hear what Cindy has discovered:

“In a nutshell, I think going through GameChangers the first time was all new for me. I loved all the teaching, but slowly forgot a lot of it and reverted back to old man behaviors and negative thought patterns. Co-leading GameChangers last year brought it all to the forefront of my mind again and I started walking in it more. Then just finishing up with the LifeChangers class last month has cemented all this teaching into my nature so much more. I find it is becoming easier and easier to live it and walk in it. I have asked Holy Spirit to keep giving me opportunities to upgrade my thinking in all areas and He is certainly doing that!”

We asked Cindy for a favorite memory she has from her time in the courses and she said this, “A favorite memory? Maybe just observing the excitement of the group as ‘light bulbs go on’ and they see things more clearly about how they should be thinking about a situation. Seeing them so encouraged by the teaching and blessed by the fellowship of the group is special. So much sharing, warmth, love and openness, and growth! A beautiful thing to see!”

For those who have not yet been through either of the courses taught by Graham Cooke especially for Aglow, Cindy had these encouraging words.

“I really do want to encourage others to take the GameChangers and LifeChangers classes. They truly are life changing for believers who need to go to the next level in their relationship with the Lord, but aren't sure why they are stuck or stalled and not getting breakthrough. Maybe they feel like their relationship and walk with the Lord isn't as real or intimate as they desire. I am all for promoting these teachings and love that they are SO grounded in scripture! The Word of God tells us exactly who we are in Christ. People just need to see it in His Word, understand what God meant, and get that knowledge deep into our spirit man!”

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