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Aglow Utah Lighthouses

Recently, Marilyn Thiessens, President of Utah Area Team, sent in a story that shows how Layton, UT Lighthouse, the newest Lighthouse, joined with Tooele, UT Lighthouse, the oldest Lighthouse in Utah.

In December the two groups advertised to all those who have attended their meetings to bring items for the homeless to the December meetings. Marilyn said, “Good will was flowing as the response was generous!”

The teams of each Lighthouse had so much fun stuffing gift bags with much needed hats, gloves, mufflers, socks, handwarmers, toiletries, 1-2 bottles of water, pop-top canned food items, granola bars, crackers with peanut butter, snack packs, and even candy canes. Each bag included a Christmas card with a hand-written note and a letter with the Gospel inserted.

Toole Lighthouse handed out 35 gift bags and Layton Lighthouse handed out 42 gift bags. Those receiving the bags knew that they were not forgotten. As Marilyn said, “The Love of God warmed the hearts of those giving and those receiving.”