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A Breath of Fresh Air

The Utah Area Team, led by President Marilyn Thiessens, has developed a place called Glory Givers for those who wish to give a testimony that glorifies God. Enjoy this testimony from Donna Kough.

“I have lived in the mountains of Nevada for 28 years. Spiritually, I have felt like the dry bones of Ezekiel. Although my heart yearned after God, I was, it seemed, groping in the darkness of isolation and a dysfunctional marriage.

When those close to me chose to follow pleasure and turn from the Lord, I remember saying, ‘I have decided to follow Jesus.’ Although that decision was first made when I was a small child, and because I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit as a teen, and tasted of the sweet Presence of the Lord, nothing but Jesus could fill my heart.

When I met the Aglow team who came to pray over Wendover, I could sense a breath of fresh air. There was something in the Spirit that stirred my heart, not just hopeful words. That day I said, ‘Yes!’ to the will of the Lord and signed up to become one of the Team to begin an Aglow Lighthouse in Wendover. 

Our first Aglow function, the Utah Advance, brought us face to face with the Living God. The prophetic word, the anointed praise, and bondage breaking worship refreshed my soul.

It is a thrill to know that when we prophecy to the dry bones to come together, soon they stand up and become a great army!

One thing the new Lighthouse did for us was to bring us together to labor in the Kingdom. We now are more like living stones being knit and built together as we press in to be able to steward the move of God in Wendover.”

It has been prophesied over Aglow that there would be an Aglow group in every community around the world. If there isn’t one in your community, we want to encourage you to gather a few friends to pray and see an Aglow group come forth in your town. Let us know you are praying by calling us at the Aglow Headquarters in Edmonds, WA, 425-775-7282 or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will make sure that local Aglow leadership connects with you to walk as your group forms.