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Prayer Works!

Last year, the Monroe Lighthouse became aware that a certain group was planning a public meeting in the city park. A strategy was developed to begin covering the park in prayer and worship in hopes that the event was canceled or attendance would be low.

On the first visit, the group took communion before placing sticks with scriptures in the ground at all the walkways and entrances. After praying, one in the group had a quick vision of a host of angels surrounding the park’s perimeter. The ladies committed to coming once a week to pray that God be glorified.

On another time of prayer, the worship leader came with a guitar and they spent time in worship. They met another lady who comes each week with a boombox to worship and pray over the park and she joined the Aglow ladies. As they worshiped and prayed, three men from a nearby homeless shelter joined them and the ladies prayed for them.

Finally, the day of the event arrived and was poorly attended by members of the group. The Aglow ladies shifted their focus and wore buttons that said, “How Can I Pray for You?” They spent time building relationships with those they did not know. In all, God honored the prayers of the Monroe Aglow group and His Goodness was felt by many.

God has placed us on purpose in our towns around the world and He expects us to occupy until Jesus returns. He has given us authority to bind and loose to bring Heaven’s rule to earth. How are you doing that in your community?