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Branson Missouri LifeChangers

“Branson, Missouri Aglow is finishing up the study, LifeChangers,” writes a participant in the study. She continues, “All of us are sad. We will miss each other, and we will miss the intimacy of coming together each week to learn how God works in our daily lives. There was laughter, tears, God moments, deeper understanding, and always the Holy Spirit in our midst. Our lives are richer because of the time we invested in ourselves. We all decided to find a deeper understanding of Christ in our lives and with His help, we did it!

We had the best facilitators. Sheila, you are full of wisdom, kindness, and enthusiasm, full of the Holy Spirit, and you poured your heart into us each week. Dee, your deeper understanding, your ability to show us another way, your love for the Lord – so much wisdom and kindness. You two balanced each other perfectly and because of who you are, our group received the best. Thank you!

When Spring comes and a new season is upon us and you hear GameChangers or LifeChangers, we pray you will say, ‘Sign me up! I want some of that.’”

We encourage you to gather a group and go through one of these powerful courses. You will be glad you did and do not be surprised if an Aglow group comes from it! Visit The Aglow Store to order materials.