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Standing on the Walls of AmericaDuring the month of July, a team of 5 from the Northwest Region made a prayer trek to Washington, DC. All 5 are from Oregon and had been in Washington, DC many times. Knowing that every place they put their feet on the ground was given to them by God, this brave team of 5 filled their days meeting with people, ministering to people, worshipping, declaring, and partnering with Heaven to see America come back to her God-given destiny.

Here are a few of the highlights of the trip:

  • At the National Archives Museum, it was very moving to see the actual founding documents of the nation - the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It was also very interesting to learn about the preservation process and to see the huge volume of important documents that are kept there. While there a teenage boy went up to the Constitution and pointed to the words “We the People” and exclaimed, “That’s us, that’s us!” Another young person was surprised to hear that they were seeing the actual documents and not just a copy.
  • The group visited the Museum of the Bible twice. The first time they were able to spend time in prayer with several of the workers. The second time, they enjoyed the different aspects of the presentations, artifacts, and displays.
  • A special highlight is a Sunday prayer drive with Jeff Wright, director of the National Prayer Embassy. The 4-hour drive took them past embassies, governmental agencies, and strategic points of interest and was filled with times of singing and declarations.
  • A powerful time was experienced at David’s Tent, a 24/7 worship and prayer tent overseen by Jason Hershey of Youth with a Mission. The team spent the remainder of the day visiting the different war memorials.
  • The early Tuesday morning prayer at Family Research Council is always a highlight. It is a time to worship and pray together with those in DC who bring keen insights into the day’s prayer needs.
  • Visiting the Israeli Embassy was special as the team joined 20 interns from the Family Research Council.
  • The team met with strategic partners at different agencies to receive updates and prayer needs.
  • Going into the Capitol is always powerful. To pray, take communion, and be led through by Pastor Dan Cummings proves that God favors His people by allowing them into behind-the-scenes places.
  • It was a blessing to watch the changing of the guard in Arlington Cemetery. To see the dedication and excellence of the soldiers was very touching.

Thank you to Kathy Redwing, Patty Davis, Marty Lawrence, Marti Richards, and Lourie Irion for hearing the call to go to DC and stand on the walls of America.

Each US Regional Director takes a month each year and a group goes into DC to pray for 4-5 days. That way, Aglow has a group in the capital each month and we have done this since 2008! Think about making the trip with your Regional Director – you will be glad you did!