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Grateful for Aglow

When Mary Williams of Savannah, GA renewed her Global Partnership with Aglow, she received an email acknowledging our appreciation for her renewal. After Mary received the email, she replied, “I have been an Aglow partner since 1983. I am very active in supporting Aglow and attending Aglow events. I grew up, a little Black girl in the South, living on a dirt lane, low income, and one of seven children. My parents were Christians who kept us in church and taught us about Jesus at home.

I came up under very humble beginnings, yet very rich in love and Christianity. This is why I am so grateful to the Lord for His richness, the anointing and the eternal things He has placed in my life and the lives of women everywhere.

Growing up in the Baptist Church, I was not taught about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I never witnessed the move of the Spirit or saw or heard about the operation of spiritual gifts until the age of 33. Of course, this all took place while attending my first Aglow meeting. Oh, the worship! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. It was what I had been looking for since I fell in love with Jesus at the tender age of 12. I didn’t need to look any further.

At that first Aglow meeting, I began to cry out to the Lord to give me what He had given the ladies of Aglow. I asked that He would use me to bring others to truly know Him. He answered my prayers! I have served on three Aglow teams. I am so grateful for Aglow and the opportunity that it gave me to witness for Jesus. I will forever burn with the Spirit because of Aglow. No turning back! I tell people if they really want to grow in and for Jesus, just become a part of Aglow.”

Holy Spirit has touched millions of lives around the world and changed them forever. To each one of you, we are grateful here at Headquarters. Your story is important to us and we love sharing it with others. Thank you, Mary, for giving us permission to tell your story today and thank you for being a faithful Global Partner.