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Reach Out and Invite a Friend

The Southfield, MI Community Lighthouse recently reopened with a bang! President, Valerie Johnson shared this story with us. 

Valerie said, “One of our new leaders, Linda McLain, personally invited a friend to come to our grand opening. After the friend attended the meeting, she sent this report to us. You can see how her enthusiasm of hearing about Aglow for the first time affected us.”

 “Dr. Linda McClain invited me to attend the Southfield Aglow Lighthouse which just opened tonight! Wow! Prayer and prophecy meet up with international strength! Four women got together to pray asking themselves, ‘What can we do for God and GOD BLEW IT UP!’ There are many groups around the world, too. The place was packed and they even served dinner. Afterwards, the meeting was phenomenal! I was blessed. You will be, too!”

The newly invited lady ended her comments by inviting others to the next meeting.

It has often been said that Aglow has been the best kept secret in the world. A misunderstanding is that women today are too busy to come aside for an Aglow meeting, yet, when God’s Presence fills the atmosphere, everything changes and people are open to the wonder of His Love. 

We encourage you to reach out and invite a friend this summer. You will be so glad that you did!