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Charles Town, West Virginia Community Lighthouse

In May, the Charles Town, West Virginia Community Lighthouse hosted an event called “Hope Glimmering”. The event was designed to empower attendees by making them aware of domestic violence and how to overcome when they find themselves in abusive situations. 

The president of the Lighthouse, Elizabeth Stroop said, “The main topic is hope. Hope must come out of these kinds of circumstances, as well as awareness of what is involved in domestic violence. Many times, people do not even see the signs that are there.”

A powerful panel of speakers shared their stories during the event. One speaker shared her personal message of hope and restoration after breaking free from an abusive 30-year marriage to a church minister. She said that it is through the amazing grace, unconditional love, and incredible healing power of Jesus that her life was transformed from being a victim to being a victor. She speaks from a Christian perspective on the effects of physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse and gives hope to others who are living in similar circumstances. 

Overall there was an atmosphere of awe as each speaker shared their stories. Many connections were made between the speakers and attendees and God was glorified. One lady said that she had a great time as she listened to the strong, inspirational speakers. Another lady said that worship was wonderful and something she has missed for a long time.

Through the years, Jane Hansen Hoyt has connected the global abuse of women back to what took place in the Garden between Eve and the serpent. In her 2007 40th Anniversary conference message, Jane said, “Aglow has become a voice speaking out on behalf of the women of the world. Do you know what the root of anger, violence, hatred, and abuse is? Do you know what that is? In Genesis 3:15 when God said, “Forever and ever Satan, I am putting enmity between you and the woman.” Do you know why? It was the woman who exposed him for who he really is! The deceiver. He deceived me and I ate and God spoke into and said, “Satan, forever and ever, down through the ages, down through the centuries, she will be used again, and again, and again to expose you for who you really are in the nations of the world!”

If you are living in situation where you are experiencing domestic abuse, we encourage you to reach out to a professional for help. Tell your doctor. Talk to your Pastor. God intends that you be set free and live a life of freedom.