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He Watches Over His Word

Murrieta, CA Lighthouse President, Linda Sherbon, received a prompting from Holy Spirit to seek a new location for their meetings. During this time meeting attendance began to grow. The Presence of the Lord grew more intense and the atmosphere started changing.

In March the group was notified that the church they met at would be negotiating a new lease. They were led to a new location in Lake Elsinore where they could continue to grow. This move brought them closer to a Recovery Center which was their immediate mission outreach.

The Recovery Center liaison stays in contact with the group relaying immediate needs to them. Those needs might be pens or personal hygiene items which are then donated by those attending the Lighthouse meetings.

Women from the Recovery Center attend the meetings where they receive the donated items along with prayer and fellowship. Recently two of the ladies responded when the alter call was given and they were saved!

One of the members of the prayer team received a personal word last year that God was calling her out to save the unborn, heal the lame, cause the blind to see and the deaf to hear. A lady in the meeting was in great pain in her knees, and the prayer team member knelt down and laid hands on the knees. She felt to speak to the woman that she was free to dance. The woman began to flex her knees, then jumped up and down, running to show her son that she was no longer in pain. We were not sure who was more astonished – the one who was healed or the one praying! God is faithful and He watches over His Word to bring it to pass.