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5K Event
Patricia Lynn Taylor & Ed Powlesson (fastest finishers in the 70-79 age group)

Recently Patricia Lynn Taylor and the Southwest Coastal Aglow Region joined Beverly Davis, the Project Manager for Kid Care International to sponsor a 5K Walk/Run Event. Time was short, but everything fell into place in two months. 

Beverly said, “We could fill pages listing all the doors our amazing Lord opened for us, and the abounding blessings He showered on our event! He brought volunteers to the event planning and implementation teams that were gifted at everything we needed. He brought organizations to us that could create a seamless experience for our race participants. He provided a glorious day – the weather was picture perfect. The racecourse was lovely with lake views, there was an entire choir of birds singing and participants had wildflowers to enjoy along the path.”

Beverly went on to say, “His joy, peace, and His order covered the event. Everyone had fun – from setting things up to the race itself to the packing up at the end. It all seemed easy and effortless. Smiles abounded, no stress, no strife! No one was hurt, and there was a cheer when we told the participants we would see them again next year!”

“And of course, the Lord blessed our finances. We had 133 people enter the race, and we were able to announce that all registration fees would directly go to Kid Care International programs. We had donations and sponsors that more than covered our race expenses, generating even more revenues. In the end, our Lord provided slightly over $10,000 in net proceeds to use to address the needs of children in Africa, Ukraine, and here in Southern California. Clearly, God’s blessings and favor were on us, and all of the event team commented on how blessed we felt to have our Lord use us for His purpose.”

Patricia Lynn said that the group was so grateful for all the prayers and that God answered everything in astonishing ways. She is looking forward to this event next year.