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Making a Difference

We love receiving the Annual Ministry updates each year as we discover all the wonderful ways Aglow groups are being a gift of God to their communities.

Many leaders and attendees have suffered greatly through the trials of the last two years, yet many groups have continued their outreaches in spite of the hindrances. 

In West Virginia, one Lighthouse has taken the time to visit former attendees in their homes, and picking up those who need a ride so they can participate in viewing recent conference messages. This group has also spent time re-digging the wells of revival and being diligent to pray.

Several Lighthouses, along with Area leaders, held meetings to pray in unity with others on the National Day of Prayer. When Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, held a revival on a university campus, Aglow leaders were there to help hand out goody bags. Many went to local festivals and fairs to promote Aglow.

Another Lighthouse holds a weekly Bible study in a recovery house for women. Several women attending this study received the Baptism in the Spirit and a new level of freedom has come. The women in the Bible study joined together to pack 79 shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas program to make sure children receive a gift. This Lighthouse made up bags for Valentine’s Day complete with love scriptures and passed them out to random people. 

Another Lighthouse came alongside groups at Thanksgiving and Christmas to help pass out meals to the homeless and indigent. 

Everything we do in His Name counts. It blesses others and leaves a lasting impression.

We would love to hear how your group is making a difference in your town.